Cannabis Minister Roger Christie Sentenced to Five Years

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Cannabis Minister Roger Christie Sentenced to Five Years
Roger Christie, at the time of his arrest in 2010. HPD photo.

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  • coco rob

    need him out of the hands of the establishment, sounds like the 60’s, huh?

  • Delia Montgomery

    Like watching a horror movie; we’ve become a Nazi nation! The community, county + state loves Roger. His wife is angelic. The Feds are terrorist.

  • NORML Lenny

    Writing from Colorado makes putting someone in jail or prison for pot seems even more horrible. We in Colorado are doing our best to help other states to follow our lead. That is true of all of the states with rec or medical pot laws, from what I see. Leonard Frieling, life member NORML Legal Committee

  • Post_pot

    The guy was selling pot, which is against the law in HI. He totally blew his credibility in terms of religious use (i.e. marijuana as a “sacrament”) by turning out to be nothing more than a drug dealer.

    If the pro-legalization people would be honest, and rather than claiming religious usage or phony medical marijuana needs (not that there aren’t legitimate patients out there), emphasize the fact that alcohol is worse than pot, that alcohol, tobacco and caffeine are legal drugs that people depend on (i.e. are addicted to) everyday of their lives and that pharmaceutical drugs are worse for human health than marijuana, it might give the cause a bit more legitimacy. Christie was a religious phony who broke the law (regardless of whether that law was right or wrong, it was/is the law in HI)–hardly a convincing case for legalization, much less legitimacy. He has done more damage than good to the legalization cause.

    I want the teachers who teach my kids, the government officials who run my town and the drivers on the roads I drive on to be clean and sober. I think people who use drugs and alcohol in a recreational capacity are weak and unable to think rationally and clearly. How does society as a whole benefit from people who are high or drunk on a regular basis? Does a responsible parent toke up in front of their kids? Does a responsible employee get high before work? Does a responsible citizen follow only those laws they deem appropriate, or do they follow all the laws and fulfill their civil duty to make an effort to change the laws they don’t agree with? Where are all the stoners when testimony is needed? If Christie is so great, why do you all hide behind your bongs instead of speaking out?

    Therein lies the problem: marijuana is another form of control, a way to take away your ability to think clearly, think rationally and think for yourself. This is Huxley’s Brave New World, but instead of Soma it’s pot. You want the very chains that bind you, and are only too happy to click the cuffs around your wrists. When the fit hits the shan (and it is coming soon, friends), being high won’t help you.

    • Post pot/ Pol pot

      Post pot, you are an idiot. Sounds like you need to move to your little totalitarian utopian country now, rather than later.

      I pick liberty and freedom over safety and security. I’ll do my thing, and you do yours. I don’t harm you, so don’t trample on my rights.

      It’s people like you that are ruining this country.

      • Post_pot

        Nice ad hominem attack. Really demonstrates your level of intellect.

        Is it totalitarian or utopian to obey the law? Although I don’t agree with it, the cultivation/use/sale of marijuana is currently against the law in Hawaii. I don’t think people should go to jail for it, but then again I don’t think people should lie about it being a “religious preference” or a “sacrament,” either. And while I do believe marijuana has medicinal benefits, I also believe the vast majority of blue card holders are fakes and the doctors who approve them are simply out to make money.

        Furthermore, smoking pot is not a “right” in the United States, I think you might want to actually read the Constitution. Using drugs is not exercising liberty or freedom, it is the exact opposite of those concepts, because using drugs of any kind debilitates your reasoning, clouds your perception and renders you dependent on a substance in order to get through your day, enjoy your life or, in your words, “be free.” Apparently, that irony is lost on you.

        • paulvonhartmann

          Drugs don’t make seeds. Herbs do. You can render a drug from an herb but you can’t make an herb from a drug. They are not the same thing. Put an aspirin in the ground and see what happens. Don’t you get that inarguable reality?

          Our freedom to farm “every herb bearing seed” is the first test of religious freedom. Read a Bible or any other religious text where, invariably, “God” gives “every green herb” to the creatures of the Earth. In fact using Cannabis is our “First Freedom” and an ecological necessity.

          If our species chooses to survive within a functioning Natural Order, then organic farming of Cannabis has to overcome the irrational social prejudice that’s been imposed on mankind’s thinking, since 1937, before most people alive today were born. WAKE UP! Cannabis is essential not illegal, because it is too valuable to be within the rightful jurisdiction of ANY court.

          “…using drugs of any kind debilitates your reasoning, clouds your perception and renders you dependent on a substance in order to get through your day, enjoy your life or, in your words, “be free.””

          Cannabis may do all of those things to you, but it certainly doesn’t cloud my perception, render me dependent, or determine whether I get through my day or enjoy my life. Being with my family and friends does that. Roger’s fundamental right to be with his mother when she was dying; and the sacred right of being with his wife, have been violated, denied and disallowed.

          I get so sick of ignorant people who are so judgmental of other people’s behavior, it’s hard to remain civil.

          “while I do believe marijuana has medicinal benefits” means that you agree the law (Schedule One) is a fraud, yet you blindly cheer the punishment of a man who tried to right that grievous wrong through the most respectful means possible. Well, enjoy your meth epidemic, fool.

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