UH STUDY: Whale Moms, Calves Whisper to Avoid Predators

Southern right whale mothers and their calves shelter in the noisy surf, stay in close proximity and effectively whisper to avoid attracting unwanted attention.
August 07, 2019

Legislation to Restore & Conserve Coral Reefs

The bipartisan and bicameral legislation would reauthorize and modernize the Coral Reef Conservation Act of 2000.
August 03, 2019

Water Quality Buoy Redeployed in Hilo Bay

The PacIOOS water quality buoy at Hilo Bay, Hawaiʻi, was redeployed in July after it was lost during Hurricane Lane in August 2018.
July 31, 2019

Mokupāpapa Discovery Center to Host Free Public Event

The free family-friendly event will be on Friday, Aug. 2, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
July 28, 2019

UH Hilo Student Projects Utilize PacIOOS Data

Students of the Ocean Technology Class at the University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo analyzed Pacific Islands Ocean Observing System datasets for their final assignment.
July 13, 2019

Sen. Hirono Emphasizes Importance of Coral Reef Research

Sen. Hirono met with scientists studying coral restoration, assisted coral evolution, and threats to coral reef ecosystem—including climate change.
July 02, 2019

Rare Species Planted During Coralpalooza Celebration

Across the globe coral reefs are under siege by rising sea temperatures, bleaching events, pollution, runoff and damage from people.
June 09, 2019

Native Oysters to Improve Water Quality in Pearl Harbor

The first native oysters are ready to take the plunge into their new home at Pearl Harbor.
June 04, 2019

World Oceans Day at Hāpuna Beach Set for June 8

Learn more about Hawai‘i’s incredible ocean resources from over a dozen participating organizations at Hāpuna’s south pavilion.
June 03, 2019

World Reef Day 2019 Launches in Waikīkī

A ceremony held on Waikīkī Beach marked the official launch of the first World Reef Day on June 1.
June 03, 2019