Two Pan Christies’ Bid for Religious Defense

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marijuana-06_university minnesota
Rep. Joe Souki has suggested allowing medical marijuana dispensaries in Hawaii. Public domain image.

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  • Plant Down Babylon

    SO WHAT!!? Smoking for medicinal, religious, pure pleasure, WHAT THE HELL DOES IT MATTER??

    Screw the Feds, DEAth, and any other agency who’s in line with the pHARMicutal/alcohol scam. We THE PEOPLE decide our future and what we put into our bodies.

    It hasn’t changed throughout history, nor will it ever. After 80yrs of failed policy, why is EVERY drug cheaper, easier to get, and more abundant than ever?

    Perhaps a different approach is in order. Look at who wants to keep the status quo the same, they ALL make $$$ on it being illegal. Kops, judges, ‘treatment centers’ etc….

    This, my friends, is how they justify the police state with the erasure of our 4th amendment rights. It’s time people wake up and see that the harm caused by the ‘war on some drugs’ vastly exceeds the actual harm of the drugs themselves.

    Think about it…. it’s YOUR tax dollars!

  • http://churchofsmoke.org/ Jose

    Sounds like the typical American Taliban church demanding a non negotiable minimum of 10% of your salary.

  • paulvonhartmann

    The “war on herbs” criminalizes anyone who appreciates the true value of this god-given plant. In that context then any attempt by anyone (except the pharmaceutocracy) to provide access to Cannabis will be characterized in a way that perpetuates the baseline mischaracterization of marijuana as a “Schedule I drug.” The truth is drugs don’t make seeds, and Roger Christie is an American hero for taking on a corrupt justice system. A rare combination of courage and combined talents make his spiritual orientation to Cannabis-inclusive commerce a pioneering model for a free market.

  • http://churchofsmoke.org/ Jose

    Learning from how this trial has gone, does this look like a strategy going forward?

    1. Demand an immediate trial.

    2. Object to every delay, even if the lawyer gets in a car wreck or the defendant gets beat up in prison. Have a lawyer on standby ready to go.

    3. Plea bargain only to an infraction.

    4. Under no circumstances accept any form of probation.

    5. File lawsuit for “abuse of process” and “malicious prosecution” in the amount of $10,000 for each day the prosecution incarcerates the defendant.

    6. Seek judicial relief under section 3(c) of RFRA.

    7. Seek attorney fees under section 4(a) of RFRA.

    8. Request a jury trial under section 3(c) of RFRA which refers to Article III of the US Constitution.

    9. Put section of RFRA 2(a)(1-5) on an overhead viewer for the jury to see while convincing one or more jurors to steadfastly stand up to an overbearing government that has gone too far.

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