BLOG: Feds Reveal Sham of ‘THC Ministry’

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marijuana-06_university minnesota
Rep. Joe Souki has suggested allowing medical marijuana dispensaries in Hawaii. Public domain image.

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  • Elijah

    Christie is nothing but a dope pusher with a mail-order minister credential.

    • Mike

      I’d tend to agree that the “ministry” was a front, but the bigger question remains: Should the plant continue to be a prohibited substance, and should persons involved in its use and distribution be subject to jail time? U.S. jails are filled to brimming with non-violent “criminals,” and far more dangerous substances are out there, including legal intoxicants like alcohol.

  • Sean

    The real sham is the WAR ON DRUGS!!


    Moses had a burning bush that spoke to him that was like smoke by day and fire at night when it appears out of a chillum. This ancient pipe was the favorite of truth seekers since those times. Roger is a tortured Human Being by any standard of
    Decency. Married and not allowed visits by his wife in a florescent environment with hostile and criminal elements. No sacrament allowed for any religion, Food that is all processed, experiments from a failed society bent on Enslavement of Prisoners in a Privatized System. “Set My People Free” Prison for “Pot” Offences is Insane. There are hundreds if not thousands doing Life for 3 strike rulings. That is really Insane.

    • Guest

      you are the reason no one takes this seriously

      • Shepherd Yerusalem

        No Guest, I am afraid that it is you
        (and other sheeple like you) that are the reason God’s tree of life
        remains hidden.

        Go ahead and laugh it up… but the
        testimonies of healing are everywhere this plant is allowed to be
        used the way God intended it.

        Read it for yourself genius (I use the
        term loosely).


        Now go look at yourself in the mirror
        and repeat this, “I am the problem and have a narrow mind.”

        Then you will be on the right track…
        otherwise you are doomed to eternal death.

        Shalom IsRaEl

        • Guest

          Look in the mirror and repeat after me, I like to get high and I make up reasons to legitimize it


          Aloha, Join together with Admission of “GOD” in every Breathe you take. The Source Code that is integral Source of all and everything only wants Devine Realization…….Now let the Burning Bush Speak…………..From Within.

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