Protesters Target Office of Hilo Dentist

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Protesters Target Office of Hilo Dentist
The Hilo office of Dr. John Stover, which was the target of a protest today. Photo by Dave Smith.

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  • Millyabella

    WHO would even go to him for any services? At this point with knowledge of his misdeeds anyone who arrives at his office for a procedure is at fault for risking their lives. Blessings and prayers to his victims.

    • axisofjustice

      To Millyabella: Who would even go to him? Patients on Quest are sent to him by their primary care doctors – sometimes ONLY for consultation. But Dr. Stover DOES NOT DO CONSULTATIONS, only procedures (quote). The patients are often in unbearable pain and lack resources. No information about past or current complaints against this “specialist” is given to them. Often, other doctors and dentists are quietly trying to correct their colleague’s mistakes. In some cases, damage is permanent. Complaints of those who are already isolated and marginalized were not given proper attention by R.I.C.O. It is only because of this young mother’s tragedy that the Big Island community became aware of this pattern of abuse – physical, verbal and financial – by one bad apple among good practitioners who serve us well and treat everyone with dignity. It is not the patients who are at fault.

      • Millyabella

        I responded to anon1 yesterday saying I understood after they posted he was the only one accepting Quest how people in need and pain would have no other choice to see him or suffer. I linked a list of free dental clinics too but the entire post was deleted by Big Island Now.

        • David Kvasnicka

          You post was in the moderation queue due to the link. It is now live.

  • anon1

    as far as i know he is the only oral surgeon on the island that takes quest..

  • Rachel Shwery

    I had three wisdom teeth pulled two years ago by this so called dentist .he ended up pulling out a mouler that was to be fixed ,and he cracked he tooth next to every one of the wisdom teethhe pulled now i havefive cracked and damaged teeth tha were fine before i steped into his office…ironicly i was looking for the orajel when i heard abut this unfortunate series of events…prayers go out to hr family

  • axisofjustice

    Thank you for helping out. We should all join forces and demand such changes.

  • sinetrogue

    This article doesn’t explain why she went into cardiac arrest. Are there any details about that part? Also, where is her family in all this?

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