Hanohano Comments to be Focus of Special Committee

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Hanohano Comments to be Focus of Special Committee
Rep. Faye Hanohano. House photo.

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  • Mr.Chinpo

    “Hanohano, who is Native Hawaiian…” Yep. Real Aloha Spirit there, Faye. You are truly a wonderful representative of Hawaiian people, culture and values. Hope you don’t drive Western cars? Or shop at Walmart? Or use Western banks? Or live in a Western style house? ‘Cause if you do, that would make you a big fat HYPOCRITE, in addition to being a scum-sicking politician who is all about personal gain, not the best interests of your constituents. Keep mouthing off with your bigoted racial claptrap, and we voters will boot your okole right out of office next election. Garanz ballbearanz. Hawaiians don’t need a representative like you.

  • http://tinyurl.com/2a9fqa Ken Conklin

    Hanohano’ole o Hanohano

  • Gino

    Her name should be Faye Hitlerhitler. He blamed europe’s jews for all that was wrong, she is the same way about “westerners” (btw her and her husband pulled right in front of me as they were leaving burger king one afternoon… real native diet there)

    I have no doubt that If she could, she’d find a “final solution”, and put all of the non Hawaiians residents of this archipelago in concentration camps

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