UPDATE: Senate Passes Budget Without Hawaii Fee Exemption

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Legislation aimed at strengthening the Native Hawaiian Education Act has been introduced by Sens. Mazie Hirono, left, and Brian Schatz, along with Hawaii's House delegation. Courtesy photos.
Sens. Mazie Hirono and Brian Schatz are seeking a Hawaii exemption from an increase in airline security fees in a budget bill up for a Senate vote today.

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  • Guest

    Bipartisan, as the media defines it, is when Republicans cave on their principles. Hawaii is a one party system, which is why there is so much corruption, good ol boy politics and why we pay out the nose for utilities and shipping. Nothing will ever improve until Hawaii stops voting for the same morons year after year

    • emanekaf

      Yeah! You go girl! This is ‘merica! We deserve TWO parties, not just one. Can’t you just smell the freedom? Imagine, a choice between TWO different things, wow. Try that one on for size, Red Chinese. We have a whole other party to “choose” from! I think I know who is WINNING!!

      • Guest

        lay off the peace pipe