Kea`au Woman Fined $252,000 in Mortgage ‘Rescue’ Cases

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Kea`au Woman Fined $252,000 in Mortgage 'Rescue' Cases
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  • Jose Martinez

    let us know when she pays up.

  • mabalcon

    what a big crook

  • http://tinyurl.com/2a9fqa Ken Conklin

    So, when will they go after Kale Gumapac, Keanu Sai, and Laulima real estate company?

    • Paddler66

      One can only hope it will be really soon. They’ve already gone after a similar scam on Maui and the Olivers are either serving time (him) or pleaded guilty (her). They offered the same “services” for a fee that Laulima Titles does but were more blatant about it. I think a lot of the deal with Sai is his ability to hide behind his PhD from UH and his professorship. But a scam is a scam and while I have some sympathy for his theories on sovereignty they don’t give him permission to use unsuspecting homeowners who buy his pitch as guinea pigs to prove his theories, which is really what Laulima Titles is about. It’s one thing if they volunteer to help him but another for him (through Gumapac) to charge them and have them believe it will actually work is another thing entirely. Deeply immoral behavior.

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