Thirty Meter Telescope Approval Challenged in Court

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tmt sunset
An artist's rendering of the Thirty Meter Telescope at sunset. TMT photo.

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  • ku ching

    The European Extremely Large Telescope, presently under construction in Chile, has a mirror diameter measuring 39 meters. That the TMT has a mirror diameter of only 30 meters and would be the world’s largest optical telescope is a myth that continues to confuse many and is a deceptive ploy to artificially excite the unwary who believe that having the largest of anything is an earth-shaking feat.

    • http://BigIslandNow.com/ Dave Smith

      We have previously acknowledged the plans for the European Extremely Large Telescope (http://bigislandnow.com/2013/02/12/land-board-hears-final-arguments-on-huge-telescope/), but it appears from press accounts that actual construction of the telescope is still a ways off as some European Southern Observatory member nations are struggling to come up with funding. We would welcome any information otherwise. Even ESO press releases are couched in general, optimistic terms about its progress.

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