Final Vote Scheduled on Owner-Builder Law Changes

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Final Vote Scheduled on Owner-Builder Law Changes
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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Byron-Matthews/735919198 Byron Matthews

    Of course it has the support of the contractors, that’s who it benefits. It surly doesn’t help the little guy who’s trying to build a house on his own.
    This is just another instance of liberal democrats making life hard for the little guy for the benefit of their donors

  • anti abercrombie and obama

    gov Abercrombie is good for nothing. he gets to live in a fancy manshion and not have to worry about anything. he doesn’t have a real job . he was elected not hired. your right that the contractors are gonna benefit if this goes thru , or maybe. gov Abercrombie just wants the vote by trying to lie again by making deals and trying to get large unions to back him up. but we all saw what he did to the hsta. gov Abercrombie stay out of our business. if we want to be owner builders its because mostly we cant afford to pay larger contractors to build our house. and if we can pay so and so by the day to help out its our kuleana, not yours. were the ones that have to pay for the house not you.

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