Officers Level Taro Garden at Bayfront, Arrest Activists

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Officers Level Taro Garden at Bayfront, Arrest Activists
This is how the former taro garden looked today after being cleared early this morning by state officers. Photo by Dave Smith.

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  • Makuakane

    The occupation government and military is illegal and so are their “operations”. This wasn’t so much a resistance as it was a demonstration of “Aina” and “Malama”. You cannot feed the ohana on grass unless you are a grazing animal of which we are not. What was pulled and cast off is/was food…the entire part of it is edible and most likely those kalo plants were older than the men who pulled and destroyed them. Many may have had their origins from other islands. It escapes reason that DLNR stands for Department of Lands and Natural Resources which has destroyed a natural, native resource which has nurtured and nourished the Hawaiian for hundreds of years.

    After my own assault by the county police and during a meeting with Billy Kenoi including my own government; The Lawful Hawaiian Government, nobles and representatives, when I explained that I had been attacked in similar as the “Nazi” attacks on their victims during WWI and before; the mayor reacted and became incensed warning me not to insinuate that metaphor and still here is further evidence of it.

    It is a dangerous time for Kanaka Maoli and Aupuni unless we stand together as the nation we are and always has been even while the US and it’s perpetrators shake their heads in denial and force their culture upon our nation. Ku`e with your whole being.

  • Makaweli

    How silly is this? For one, what harm would it be to just leave the plants there? What kind of leadership do we have? Instead of saying ‘hey, let’s bully these people.’ Why doesn’t someone sit down with them?

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Byron-Matthews/735919198 Byron Matthews

      Because the response was just as important as the message the protesters were making. Doing nothing would be passive approval.
      There are plenty of places to plant a garden if that was the point, this was about staking a claim. Do you think Obama or any president would tolerate an Indian maize farm on the DC mall?

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