Albertini Lecture on Democratic Actions Back On at Hilo High

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Albertini Lecture on Democratic Actions Back On at Hilo High
Hilo High School. File photo by Dave Smith.

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  • frank96740

    “Albertini has since requested that the date of his presentations not be publicized to avoid a confrontation with “right-wing opposition”
    Is this clown afraid of having people that actually care about their children and what they are subject to show up and share their feelings? What happened to the 1st Amendment rights of the people of our community? He’s be having a fit if someone was speaking about something he felt strongly about and couldn’t find out when/where it was happening. One more reason not to trust the man…

    • Dubya Doodie

      LOL, “what happend to the 1st Amendment rights…”.

      They kinda got flubbed when the librarian and the principal caved into the bullies, because of what he might say.

      If the librarian had said “no, we don’t have any available facilities”, it would have been one thing. But because they backed down only AFTER finding out who he is (where have these people been for the last 30 years???), it became a First Amendment issue.

      Idiots and hypocrites: “You can promote war, but you can’t oppose it”.

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