DOE Won’t Discuss Hilo High Threat; Matter May Go to Court

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DOE Won't Discuss Hilo High Threat; Matter May Go to Court
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  • peace please

    I’m deeply disappointed to learn, that our local school system is attempting to practice censorship. As an educational institution they have the responsibility to support democracy, not undermine it. Yet, I am happy to see, that participatory democracy, which is what Albertini wanted to talk about as I understand, is alive and well. Now that this issue is in the open, it is the public that is becoming the teacher here to the school system, to remind them about the true corner stones of our democracy. Librarians, in my humble opinion, should support diversity in education and viewpoints and have no place in limiting access to vital, important and diverse information. Now students have the unique opportunity to witness and learn, how important it is to keep a society open and stop individuals in position of authority to commit censorship. I’m somewhat puzzled about the militaries position here. How can you claim to fight for freedom and democracy and at the same time fracture its cornerstone? Also, I had not heard about Mr. Albertini before, but now I have. Thank you.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Byron-Matthews/735919198 Byron Matthews

      Should we let the KKK or NAMBLA come to campus and discuss their beliefs?

      • peace please

        Please explain why you would equate Mr. Albertini, a man who apparently is concerned about the degradation of our democracy and our environment, to racists and pedophiles?

        • midnight rambler

          There’s no need to equate him to those kind of groups. Should we have a strident militarist speak in high school as a “counterpoint” to Albertini? It would be hard to deny one the opportunity if he’s given the chance.

          There is no First Amendment issue here. No one has an absolute right to speak during school hours to student in a school event. If he wants to rent a room after hours and the school denied him when it lets other groups do that, then it would be.

      • Dubya Doodie


        Do you have a simplistic idea of what goes on in a school? Students will have the opportunity to discuss the speaker’s views both before, and after the presentation.

        When I was in high school, several classes got to watch the famous Nazi propaganda movie, “Triumph of the Will”. It is an amazingly effective movie, but we also discussed it afterward, and learned various ways a person could get sucked in to some idea. AFAIK, none of us became Nazis. Most of us came away immunized to a certain extent to propaganda.

        I hardly equate Albertini’s cause with those of the KKK and child molesters, but should we just pretend these viewpoints don’t exist? Isn’t the purpose of education … to “educate”? Or is it to keep them ignorant of politically incorrect ideas until they’re on their own, where they can get more “personal instruction” without any adult oversight?

  • Jeffrey

    Deeply disapointed?The school system is a government controlled indoctrination system not an educational institution.Its aim is to desensatize children to war and all the trappings.Your school sports are nothing more than metaphors of war.The government wants good little soldiers that wont question authority.Good little soldiers that wont question GMO food,big pharma medical poisons,drone warfare or any other government sponsored programsTake your children out of the indoctriantion system now if you really love them.Problem is the parents are usually products of that system and have been thouroghly indoctrinated,like the Hilo High librarian..

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