Connections Charter School Employee Subject of Hearing

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Connections Charter School Employee Subject of Hearing
Les Kondo, executive director of the state ethics commission. Image courtesy of Hawaii News Now.

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  • Shrewd Fallstar

    It Screamed CONFLICT OF INTEREST! Plain as Day, just to walk into the Kress Lobby / Connections Campus and see a Private Company luring Student Business.
    To find out an Administrator owned it? What were they thinking? Same deal w/ Lunch Contracts.
    Really, who is in charge?
    Just as bad, imo? Connections will go on and on about ‘Aina, and they make certain to never miss a photo op of the kids cleaning the beaches, etc, but that cafeteria was about as In Your Face ANTI Environment (and cheap, low end quality food) as can be. “Hey, look at our Keiki clean the Beach!………We’ll be using 100 Xs the ocean-killing styrofoam & plastic this week alone on disposable lunch trays and untensils rather than invest in a dishwasher for the cafeteria…..” Hypocrisy!

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