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October 05, 2015 07:40am
Tropical Storm Oho Not Expected to Become Hurricane
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Kailua, HI


February 13, 2016

Passing Windward Showers, Leeward Sunshine

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  • Re: DLNR Receives Federal Forest, Watershed Protection GrantPosted by The Moon is a Harsh Mistress on 2/13/2016 6:08pm

    Our government thinks that more money equals more rain?! Stop taking federal money and keep our state from becoming another slave to the federal dollar.

  • Re: Gabbard: Ige’s Declaration ‘Recognition of Seriousness of Hawaiʻi Island Outbreak’Posted by metalman808 on 2/13/2016 7:32am

    It took Gabbard and Schatz to wake up our Govenor and mayor to do the job they were elected for. Pretty sad situation over here. I wonder how many people left the Island Infected while our leaders were trying to wake up. Are they screening visitors as they leave the Island? I hope so, because if not that's how Ebola and Zika spread. It actully took 255 cases to make our officials think maybe we should do something. What a bunch of non caring people we have in charge. Thanks Congress women and Senator for seeing REALITY.

  • Re: Hilo Man Convicted in U.S. District Court for Disobeying Park RangerPosted by Kuhina on 2/13/2016 4:35am

    Sanders should ask the ranger, the national park and the us to show how they have title to that area in the Christian Kingdom of the Hawaiian Islands and how they are asserting a legal authority?

  • Re: ‘Uncle Billy’s’ Rebranded Under New ManagementPosted by Norman S Stahl on 2/12/2016 4:48pm

    I hope they clean the place up! The whole place needs to be stripped down to the studs, fumigated, sterilized, and remodeled.

  • Re: Hilo Man Convicted in U.S. District Court for Disobeying Park RangerPosted by joseph bugado on 2/12/2016 3:40pm

    good job park ranger also check lava tube bus parking 14 passagers vans park there block buses give them a big thicket

  • Re: Ige Declares State of Emergency on DenguePosted by konarichard on 2/12/2016 2:11pm

    Now we as property owners can ask not to spay our property but they do not have to respect your request, and spray anyway. I have a back yard Aquaponics with mosquito larva eating fish in it. I don't find any mosquitoes anywhere, And my neighbors benefit also.
    It will be sad to lose all the honey bees, lady bugs,dragonflies, the rare yellow face Hawaiian bee, and all the beneficial garden insects will pay the price.
    There are way more natural long term ways to deal with this but as you and I know the state of Hawaii will always take the easy way out then kick that can down the road.
    Enjoy a little loss of you property rights at this time, even though it may not effect you now, It may in the future.

  • Re: Man Charged with Numerous Offenses Following a Kona BurglaryPosted by localtutu on 2/12/2016 12:19pm

    throw the key away

  • Re: Man Charged with Numerous Offenses Following a Kona BurglaryPosted by metalman808 on 2/12/2016 12:08pm

    He sure looks older than 25. Must be the ICE.

  • Re: Man Charged with Numerous Offenses Following a Kona BurglaryPosted by Loyd on 2/12/2016 11:48am


  • Re: HPD Identifies Wanted Man Killed in Officer-Involved ShootingPosted by The Moderator on 2/12/2016 8:08am

    HPD has been notified of your post. You are threatening violence on a public board. Stop it.

  • Re: HPD: Investigation into ‘Suspicious Device’ Found at Charter School ContinuesPosted by Remember Paris on 2/12/2016 7:41am

    Good thing his plan for jihad was discovered before he detonated it at school. This is why teachers need to be armed.

  • Re: TMT Assessing Future Options for TelescopePosted by Theresa Keohunani Taber on 2/12/2016 6:43am

    I think that the University of Hawaii and it's staff that are supporting and pursuing this TMT project are totally egregious and should CEASE and Desist using University funds to fight this ridiculous endeavor against the wishes of the majority of the community... How can you justify the paltry, PALTRY contributions of 1 million dollars for schools yet it costs millions of dollars to fight in court regarding the permit process, which the Hawaii Supreme Court invalidated as due process was NOT followed. Why is there NO accountability from the staff, professors or better yet the Student body... This needs to be stopped, the squandering of educational funding for the benefit of corporations and return the discretion of spending back to the community.... #UHmajorFAIL

  • Re: Dengue Fever: Two Cases Confirmed, 254 TotalPosted by metalman808 on 2/12/2016 4:16am

    I wonder how many tourist returned to their homeland infected with dengue. Sad nothing is being done. Let's let it spead world wide. Thanks Ige smart thinking. They should of quarantined the first people that contracted the virus. Nah no need over here we hoping it disappears on it's own like the Coqui frogs Albizia trees and fire ants.

  • Re: HPD Identifies Wanted Man Killed in Officer-Involved ShootingPosted by bonerjones7 on 2/12/2016 2:08am

    Hawaiian culture...(shaking my head) Good Lawwd! No, but kidding aside, cases like this are a direct result of your lazy lifestyle down thata way.

  • Re: HPD Identifies Wanted Man Killed in Officer-Involved ShootingPosted by Be U tiful on 2/12/2016 12:10am

    Yes, so much ignorance right here on this page alone. I feel so sad for them. Must be painful to be full of so much hate. May the Lord continue to bless and strengthen your family. May He bring restoration, healing, and comfort.

  • Re: Hawaiian Style Café Violates DOL Overtime RequirementsPosted by hilodude on 2/11/2016 11:24pm

    So they have some issues and are working things out... good... that's a concern that should only be for a business and its employees, everybody else should just let things be and move on. As long as the service doesn't slow down and the food quality doesn't deteriorate, I'm still gonna patronize the establishment because that's the reason I go there... to eat! Sticking my nose into their personal problems is not my style, cause I wouldn't hit a friend when he's down... I would help him get back on his feet as best as I can!

  • Re: Hawaiian Style Café Violates DOL Overtime RequirementsPosted by Lilly Sue on 2/11/2016 4:17am

    As much as they charge for their menu items they had plenty to properly pay employees. GREEDY. Never trust GREED. Imagine what the owners do to save on ingredient costs. Not going there ever.

  • Re: Two Men Arrested, Charged on Drug OffensesPosted by nosake on 2/11/2016 12:53am

    Did you know that the cost of making a legal dose of heroin is less than $1 ? Did you know that a junkie can live as productively as a non-drug user as long as he or she is properly dosed? Legalize drugs and you will see a mass exodus from the ICE scene. Given a choice, most drug users would opt for heroin or some synthetic derivative.

    Never hurts to consider a different perspective.

  • Re: ‘Suspicious Device’ Evacuates Ka’u Learning AcademyPosted by nosake on 2/11/2016 12:45am

    9 years old

  • Re: Visitor Dies While Swimming at ‘End of the World’Posted by Nuetoni on 2/10/2016 5:29pm

    you make your own risk when you jump into the ocean. More than likely this dude ignorantly jumped in without any knowledge of the area. Plenty tourists do this but not all of them are lucky enough to make it out.

  • Re: Visitor Dies While Swimming at ‘End of the World’Posted by Nuetoni on 2/10/2016 5:27pm

    The life saving bouys were empty jugs with a rope tied to them. Breaking or getting blown away from the heavy winds would have been more than likely. Really easy to blame other people.

  • Re: No New Dengue Cases Confirmed on the Big IslandPosted by vet2640 on 2/10/2016 3:56pm

    Saw the list of things us citizens can do to reduce the chances of getting Dengue, etc, I suppose when “zika” arrives in Hawai”i, we will hear the same rhetoric, how about holding our government officials accountable for their collective “lack of vision”. A state of emergency for dengue?, hey billy, u too late “brah”.

  • Re: Police Investiging Shooting at Honoli’iPosted by Nina on 2/10/2016 3:14pm

    No matter where you go

  • Re: Police Identify Suspect Killed in Officer-Involved ShootingPosted by Lilly Sue on 2/10/2016 12:36pm

    Great job HPD!!!

  • Re: Body Found Along Daniel K. Inouye HighwayPosted by karen on 2/10/2016 8:05am

    Marijuana kept your brain in a fog, not everyone that smokes (whether it's for medical or pleasure) feel like their in a fog.
    There are lots of very famous people that smoke daily. Example: Sir Paul McCartney, Justin Timberlake, Jennifer Aniston, Madonna, Lady Gaga, and lets not forget Willie Nelson just to name a few. Just Saying!!!

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