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Re: Rep. Gabbard Honors Day of Remembrance for WWII Japanese Incarceration
Posted by myauthorizedopinion on 2/22/2018 1:25pm

So, G@bbard doesn't want to remember the bombing of Pe@rl H@rbor? Just don't want to remember the J@panese killing/r@png of Korea? The Korean people forced to erase their culture and take J@panese names. Forced to learn to read/write J@panese? So, what J@panese name would Gabbard assign to a Mr Oh Hu Sop? Sorry, not politically correct enough? Not enough Koreans died leading up to the bombing of Pe@rl H@rbor? Not enough American troops give their lives to be worthy of a "Remembrance"?

Re: Rep. Gabbard Recognizes 75th Anniversary of Japanese American Internment
Posted by myauthorizedopinion on 2/22/2018 1:21pm

So, G@bbard just wants to "Gloss" over the J@panese invasion of my Korea? Just "Gloss" over my Father being captured by J@panese troops and forced to take a J@panese name. Forced to learn to read/write J@panese? So, question to Gabbard. What was my Father J@panese name? Why are you over looking that "dark period"? Just doesn't fit into your agenda?

Re: Rep. Hanabusa Comments on Anniversary of Forced Relocation of Japanese Americans
Posted by myauthorizedopinion on 2/22/2018 1:17pm

So, what J@panese name would H@nabusa think would have been good for Mr Oh Hu Sop during the J@panese occupation of Korea?

Re: Rep. Hanabusa Comments on Anniversary of Forced Relocation of Japanese Americans
Posted by myauthorizedopinion on 2/22/2018 1:15pm

So, Korean family members can remember the J@panese invasion of their peninsula. The R@PE of a country by J@panese troops. But, we don't H@nabusa or anybody else doesn't want to get into this eh? My Fathers name is Mr Oh Hu Sop. Does H@nabusa want to know his F0rced J@panese name?

Re: Rep. Hanabusa Comments on Anniversary of Forced Relocation of Japanese Americans
Posted by Kanika Apa on 2/20/2018 2:09pm

I have not missed a Clue in trying to figure out this Historical event. Why did the U.S. government think it was Necessary to Separate & Confine Japanese Americans ? Fear, Retribution, Security ? It's puzzling to me - I would Now Call on Hanabuta ! to Get these Answers in Complete Detail, So there will be No Mis-Understanding as to the Chronological Order & the Parties Involved ! She should place her answer Here, or in Civil Beat ~ Let's See if she will Respond *

Re: Bill Deferred to Protect Homeschooled Keiki
Posted by Be U Tiful on 2/20/2018 9:46am

Well said. Many children are failed miserably by a public school system looking for a scapegoat. If you're looking for abuse, start there.

Re: Rep. Hanabusa Comments on Anniversary of Forced Relocation of Japanese Americans
Posted by jusbecuz on 2/20/2018 8:16am

The book Nisei, by a former editor of the Denver Post, is an interesting read of the facts that led to Roosevelt's Order.

Re: Hawai‘i Lt. Gov. Calls for ‘Conversion Therapy’ Ban
Posted by makikijoe on 2/19/2018 10:39pm

Thank you Mr. Chin. What a huge difference you are from the from a former Lt. Governor, Repugnantcan Duke Aiona, who is a homophobe and probably supports conversion therapy.

Re: Bill Deferred to Protect Homeschooled Keiki
Posted by Renewed Aether on 2/14/2018 4:12pm

This article neglected mentioning the bill intended to treat all homeschool parents as abusers who would have to prove their innocence in order to teach their own children. Which is a right not a privilege. The bill also would have done little in the most frequent cases of child abuse which occur with non-school aged children. Peter boy’s parents had their children taken away for four years due to aduse and the state returned them. The problems lies not with homeschooling, but with an incompetent government, here’s my shocked face :/

Re: Sen. Schatz Introduces Education Act for Incarcerated
Posted by 808Hawaii on 2/14/2018 2:17pm

A Pell grant for everyone sounds like a better idea - that way, people wouldn't have to join the military or go to prison to get an education.
When will we rejoin the rest of the civilized world?

Re: Rep. Hirono: Trump Budget Bad for Hawai‘i
Posted by vet2640 on 2/13/2018 1:13pm

Ms Hirono, knowing some of your background, coming to Hawaii from Japan as a child, I can understand what you and your family endured, now we have “Trumph”, what are we to do?, by the time he is impeached or elected out of office, all of us and our collective OHANA will suffer a horrible existence in Hawaii Nei or be “dead”. Make no mistake, I and my family VOTE! sometimes I wonder if this right is “enough” to make sure our Democracy stays “INTACT”.

Re: AARP to Hold Retirement Planning Workshops
Posted by Leandro Mueller on 2/13/2018 12:55pm

As an advocate for retirement planning, we at FreeMedSuppQuotes encourages people to take advantage of events such as these, so that people will know how to start planning for their future efficiently and effectively. Also, healthcare, Medicare, supplemental insurance for Medicare, etc., aren’t that simple to understand, and workshops like these are very helpful to get to know all those important healthcare options. Grab the opportunity people!

Re: Hawai‘i Ranked No. 3 for Eco-friendly Singles Looking for Love
Posted by D W Wells on 2/12/2018 8:03am

Hawaii is a pretty great State we love it or we wouldn't be here. The last time I checked DC is not a State. Zipline is not a "green" job, it relies on tourism and though travel is good and all it is the very last thing that you could call "green".
Hawaii relies heavily on Tourism and therefore is one of the largest single contributors to added CO2 per capita that the could be.
Your data is all screwed, the reason Hawaii has a lot of renewables (which is no longer growing btw) is because we burn diesel fuel for the vast majority of our electricity needs and our Bills are so HigH.
We are totally unsustainable and having a few EV stations may make us feel good but doesn't change the facts, BINow and Just Energy (source), don't waste our time with flawed and unreliable statistics.
Hawi Reader

Re: Reps. Gabbard and Turner Tour Hawai‘i
Posted by Kanika Apa on 2/12/2018 6:35am

IF we have any Desire to Change - It must Begin with Self, & the Patience to Nurture it so that you Begin to See what your Desire can Be ~ The Willingness to Bend & Blend it into a Cohesive Energy that Becomes A Flame to Shine the way Out of darkness for Others Searching for the Path * That is what I see in Tulsi & Nina ~ Examples of Change *

Re: Little Fire Ants Invade Volcano Village
Posted by vet2640 on 2/11/2018 1:09pm

Yeah, I remember when one of our “former mayors exclaimed, when the coqui frogs started to invade our aina, his words, “no worry”, well folks, when any politician says “NO WORRY” its time to “worry”, and time to get his/her butt out of government, a bunch of self serving idiots. The “fire ants” are on the march for sure, how about “NAPALM”. Cannot rely on the politicians anymore, only looking out for themselves, how about a “trillion” fire ants in each and every politician’s home in Hawaii, and we citizens say “NO WORRY”.

Re: Companies Ask Approval to Seek New Renewable Projects
Posted by Kanika Apa on 2/11/2018 5:38am

Let's Be Diligent in reviewing Environmental Impacts of these Proposals !

Re: HPD Charge Man Recently Released with Several More Offenses
Posted by diverdave on 2/10/2018 4:58am

Really? He pled guilty to FIVE felonies, and was released?
Surprise, surprise he is caught again for another 5.
When is this criminal justice system in Hawaii going to actually do their job!

Re: Rep. Hanabusa Votes for Two-Year Budget Compromise
Posted by Grumpier on 2/9/2018 4:24pm

The next deportation from Hawaii should be Hanabusa. Your life in politics just ended.

Re: HDOT Announces Restriction to Improve Hwy 130 Traffic Flow
Posted by Grumpier on 2/9/2018 6:58am

How about they start by putting the required signage at the bypass and Keaau Road, under the right turn light, there is no sign saying right turn on green only.

Its just before the intersection so once your up to the intersection and stopped, its no longer visible. All the other ones have them. This is known as a ticket trap and is reason in court to dismiss the ticket. Put the sign up!

Re: TMT Scholarship Applications Open for Hawai‘i Island Students
Posted by Herodotus on 2/4/2018 5:13am

Will these grants continue if the TMT is blocked? It would be very sad, that all the Millions of Dollars that will come with it will go to Spain.
They have promised to remove the Telescope in Thirty years, in the meantime the economic treasure it represents will be lost, FOREVER, if it is blocked by agitators (some local, with legitimate concerns) are manipulated by outsiders who go from one "cause" to another for the sake of notoriety.
THINK. We all have an interest in the future of OUR Island. It will soon be too late! SAVE OUR KIDS FUTURE! SPEAK OUT FOR THEM!

Re: LETTER: Police Citations on Day of False Alarm
Posted by H H on 2/4/2018 2:16am

Yes, ENFORCE the LAW and do not forget to enforce the law on the ones having used their cell phones before their plane hit the towers 9/11, a BIG violation of aircraft security, right? Self thinking comes last for many.

Re: LETTER: Police Citations on Day of False Alarm
Posted by vet2640 on 2/3/2018 3:05pm

What about those drivers who can afford the $297 fine?? they are just like everyone else, concerned about family, this is why most do not trust “politicians”. You list (5) items, all with “I”. Go away already, we had enough. A more simple solution is to void all citations for that day, less “paperwork”, time, bureaucracy and stress for us citizens.

Re: Farm Tours Offered During Kona Coffee Festival
Posted by KonaLife on 2/3/2018 12:55pm

For year-round free coffee tour check out Mountain Thunder Coffee Plantation in Kailua-Kona

Re: Professional Soccer Comes to Hawai‘i
Posted by Kanika Apa on 2/3/2018 8:23am

WELL ! This a Great opportunity for our Youth & Adults bringing an International audience to Hawai'i ~ Let's really go out & Support this for the soccer fans in our state. I can see the Growth of it's Community Involvement to Benefit all our Youth & Adults that Love the game. Thank you HTA for this Effort ! I just "Hope", that we won't be Priced out of a Good thing *

Re: Interview with Man Who Faces 77 Years in Prison for Medical Marijuana Collective
Posted by Mold Resistant Strains on 2/1/2018 10:42pm

Wow! Bummer this is just ridiculous for 2018 -- I thought we were moving in the right way -- not like this!