Council Approves Ban on Nighttime Well Drilling

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Council Approves Ban on Nighttime Well Drilling
Hilo Councilman Donald Ikeda was unsuccessful in his attempt to amend the bill banning nighttime drilling of geothermal wells. Photo by Dave Smith.

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  • Richard Ha

    This bill would result in increasing danger to the community from well blow outs, yet folks who told stories about miscarriages of animals, disorientation and health problems were cheering and congratulating each other. Brenda Ford the only returning council woman ignored the Big Island Community Coalitions appeal for the council to find a solution that would both alleviate the danger and keep the cost under control. She voted for this amendment knowing it would raise the electricity rates of the most defenseless among us. That was unconscionable in my opinion.

  • Makuleman

    Banning night time drilling is not good. If we want to promote clean alternative energy we should do whatever we need to support the industry. If they can mitigate the noise, great! If people are disturbed and can’t stand it, use the fund to buy them out.

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