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Watch: Fledgling of endangered nocturnal seabird caught on camera at Hawaiʻi Volcanoes National Park

The young ‘ākeʻāke was caught on camera making its way out of its high-elevation burrow on Mauna Loa about a month before the current eruption and lava flow began.

Robots are scrubbing floors at Daniel K. Inouye International Airport in Honolulu

The first robotic scrubber already is deployed in the 230,000-square-foot Mauka Concourse at Daniel K. Inouye International Airport in Honolulu.

20 Hawai‘i National Guard service members activated to traffic control amid Mauna Loa eruption

Twenty Hawai‘i National Guard [HING] servicemembers were activated today to assist Hawai‘i County with the ongoing Mauna Loa eruption.

State distributes over $600K in one-time tax refunds

The State of Hawaiʻi has finished distributing over 600,000 state tax refunds to eligible taxpayers who filed their 2021 Hawaiʻi individual tax returns on time.

2022 Hawaiʻi Sustainability Summit underway in West Hawaiʻi

The summit aims to forge shared policy priorities that catalyze critical shifts for all of Hawaiʻi.

Sirens to sound off Thursday morning for monthly test

No exercise or drill will accompany the test scheduled for Thursday morning.

New video shares tips for visiting Hawaiʻi Volcanoes National Park during busy holidays

From Thanksgiving through January is the park’s busiest time of the year.

Strong northeast winds, significant north swell possible on Thanksgiving

You might want to change any plans you have outside on Turkey Day.

Haleakalā National Park releases short documentary on saving forest birds 

Haleakalā National Park released a new film, Heart of Maui.  This 7.5 minute documentary follows two biologists working to save Hawaiʻi’s critically endangered forest birds. The film describes the cause of the birds’ catastrophic decline and what is at risk if action is not taken soon. 

How did parasitic wasps save native Wiliwili trees in Hawai’i from edge of extinction?

“Wiliwili is a keystone species in our dry forests, and nearly every part of this special tree is used by cultural practitioners. The impact of losing this species would have been profound.” — Chipper Wichman, President of the National Tropical Botanical Garden

Kaua’i doctor shortage includes most specialities, forcing residents to fly to O’ahu

“Statistics confirm that Neighbor Islands have higher death rates from many causes due to the lack of healthcare providers,” said Jim Winkler, founder of Hale Lea Medicine & Urgent Care Clinic.

Finland leaders in Hilo inspire Hawaiʻi with its successful efforts to end homelessness

The northern European nation of 5.5 million is successfully eliminating homelessness, a problem that Hawaiʻi County and the Aloha State have been trying to tackle for years.

53 tons of marine debris removed from national monument in Northwestern Hawaiian Islands

A large-scale cleanup at a marine national monument in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands yielded 53 tons of marine debris.

Dredging in Honolulu Harbor damages 15,000 corals; barge company to pay $1.1 million settlement

In May 2021, while dredging Honolulu Harbor, the anchors and cables of a barge operated by Healy Tibbitts Builders broke or damaged more than 15,000 corals and 140 square yards of live rock.

West Maui brush fire burns 1,200 acres and threatens subdivision

A Maui brush fire that is only about 40% contained may cause the evacuation of residents in the upper portion of the Lauiupoko subdivision.

UH study: No-fishing zones benefit ʻahi, other large fish species

The recovery is good news for the environment and the global tuna fishing industry, which generates $40 billion in revenues each year and supports millions of jobs around the world.

Democrats sweep Hawaiʻi governorship, US Senate seat and two US House seats

Democrats sweep the top races in Hawaiʻi, with Josh Green winning the governorship, Brian Schatz being reelected to the US Senate and Ed Case and Jill Tokuda winning the two US House seats.

Live 2022 Election Results: Big Island and Hawaiʻi state races

Democrats sweep top Hawai’i race, with Josh Green winning the governorship, Brian Schatz reelected as US Senator and incumbent Ed Case and Jill Tokuda winning US House seats.

State Sheriff Division seeking new recruits on all islands

Interested people should apply by Nov. 25 on the Department of Human Resources and Development website.

Community group trying to buy Kauaʻi’s derelict Coco Palms Resort from Utah owners

I Ola Wailuanui, a Kauaʻi Community group, has launched a grassroots fundraising campaign to purchase the derelict resort, which last sold at a foreclosure auction for $22 million in 2021.
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