Judge Refuses to Stop Gay-Marriage Bill From Becoming Law

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Judge Refuses to Stop Gay-Marriage Bill From Becoming Law
Oahu Rep. Bob McDermott. House photo.

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    • Greg

      McDermott is lying. It was understood among the 1998 amendment’s supporters that the legislature would have the power to define marriage. On September 25, 1998, in an article entitled “The Power to Define
      Marriage”, Bishop Francis X. DiLorenzo Of Honolulu asked the Catholics of Hawaii to help educate voters on gay marriage bill. Bishop DiLorenzo wrote at the time:

      Dear Friends in Christ,
      “Shall the Constitution of the State of Hawaii be amended to specify that the legislature shall have the power to reserve marriage to opposite sex couples?”
      On November 3, 1998, the people of Hawaii will have the opportunity to reaffirm their power to define marriage through their elected officials. By voting “yes” on the above ballot proposal, citizens hope to stop the Hawaii State Supreme Court’s efforts to mandate “same-sex marriage.”
      The November vote has implications not only for Hawaii, but for all the people of the United States and beyond. For without the passage of this amendment, the Hawaii court will almost surely redefine marriage. The
      effects of such a decision will reverberate across the country.

      With every best wish, I remain,
      Sincerely yours in Christ,
      Most Rev. Francis X. DiLorenzo
      Bishop of Honolulu

      The people (and their churches) knew they were voting to allow the legislature to decide to reserve marriage to opposite sex couples. It
      wasn’t a worry then because the legislature was on their side. Plus McDermott’s argument makes no sense – if the consitutional amendment reserved marriage to opposite couples, then there was no reason for the legislature to get involved after it was voting on by the people.

  • Norman Dostal

    I feel bad for that fat, bloated pig-like bigot….now lets start the luau!!

    • a man

      whenever anyone tells me “gay marriage” is about love, I point out a comment like yours, you hateful bigoted little excuse for a man

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