Shutdown Closes Isle’s Biggest Attraction, Hawai`i Volcanoes

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Shutdown Closes Isle's Biggest Attraction, Hawai`i Volcanoes
This sign on Highway 11 will be all of the national park that will be seen by visitors and residents alike as long as the government shutdown is in effect. File photo.

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  • Guest

    I just read how a bunch of WWII vets stormed a closed Washington Memorial.
    We don’t need government to walk around a park, I can manage just fine unassisted thank you very much

    • Dream On

      Sure you can.

      • Guest

        Do you need the government to hold your hand when you’re strolling through the park?

  • Guest

    Is there any way one can drive to a good vantage point to see the volcano without entering the park? We have only until oct 4 to see the volcano having spent a small fortune to travel here to the big island in Hawaii.

    • Byron

      Other than Halemaumau in the Volcanos Ntl Park, Kalapana is the closest. People hike out from there mostly by guided tours but some take boat. I don’t think there is any ocean entry at the moment though. It does change all the time and you can check this link to see the latest action: http://hvo.wr.usgs.gov/activity/kilaueastatus.php

  • Renting

    I’m a tourist as well, very unhappy with this, having come all the way from the Netherlands. A group in the plane from Amsterdam to Los Angelos will be even worse off, they were going to do all the big NPs like Yosemite, Grand Canyon, a three week tour. I at least still have some nice beaches I can go to.

    The US political system is broken with it’s gerymandering, first past the pole system. And all of this over a bit of healthcare law that would be considered the bare minimum in the rest of the civilized world.
    I will not be booking a holiday to the US any time soon.

    • Guest

      That’s because the democrats decided to make a major overhaul with zero votes from the republicans. It’s backdoor socialism and will destroy our healthcare system. We’ve got too many people in this country who think they should get something for nothing. It’s dragging our economy down to the lowest common denominator

  • Jose Martinez

    visit kalapana,where the highway ends and aloha begins

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