Hilo’s First-Ever Gay Pride Parade/Festival Saturday

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Hilo's First-Ever Gay Pride Parade/Festival Saturday
An event Saturday will celebrate Mayor Billy Kenoi's proclamation of July 6 as "Gay Pride Day." Pat Rocco, at far right, will be honored for his pioneering efforts in the movement. Courtesy Image.

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  • Chuck

    We used to have parades for accomplishments :-/

    • Cherdan

      ..and your bigotry certainly isn’t one.

      • Guest

        Grow up,
        What is the celebration exactly?

        • Cherdan

          The celebration of liberation and personal freedom to be who you are, in spite of bigots and cantankerous old curmudgeons like yourself.

          • Chuck

            I’ve been to a few, it’s more like grown men dry humping on floats, fun for the whole family. Maybe we could bring the kids for the bdsm display.
            Lets be real, your romanticizing what’s nothing more than a celebration of cunnilingus and sodomy.
            Bigot? Don’t be mad, I’m only being real

  • Sharyle Lyndon

    Ho’omaika’i’ana, Ha’aheo O Me Ke Aloha

  • mabalcon

    wow just what is happening to our small town of hilo i think it sad to have a gay parade in hilo cause that might scare tourist away from this island which provides a lot of jobs think about HILO COUNTY AND MAYOR


    Aloha, aside from the fact that the sex act fades as you age and companionship, sharing, and caring as life continues is the real value in living, We should all learn Compassion and Not react with Hate and Bigotry. Overpopulation of the planet is a real issue that can be won with encouragement of gay activity. The Boy Scouts of America approve this message.

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