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OPINION: Rep. Hanohano vs. the Artsy-Fartsy

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OPINION: Rep. Hanohano vs. the Artsy-Fartsy
This painting entitled "Lychee" by the late John Wisnosky, a former chairman of the UH-Manoa art department, is one of the paintings reportedly placed in Rep. Hanohano's office. State Foundation on the Culture and the Arts image.

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  • Geoff Shaw

    It seems ironic to me that a member of the legislature would make an objectionable rant to people doing their jobs when she should be going back to her cohorts and coming up with a solution if she thinks there is a problem with a state run program. She is probably one of those people who yells at the busboy when her food is not prepared properly at a restaurant. Public Art is always going to be contentious and it has been my experience that the people making the choices have usually tried to satisfy no one in an attempt to not antagonize anyone. While the UH-Hilo sculpture might not be my choice I have to respect the bravery of it. I much prefer it to the mundane sculptures chosen for the county courthouse. I think that one solution is to make the public a greater part of the process, which should be possible in the digital age.

  • http://www.facebook.com/julie.brighton2 Julie Brighton

    Hawaiian Words of the Day: ho‘okae ‘ili, kaupale ‘ili
    She is only sorry that she got caught. She does not deserve to remain in office, as she does not represent all of the people of Hawai‘i. What a disgrace.
    She only wants to fund artists that fits her racial (read: racist) profile.

  • John

    $700,000 for a pile of rubbish? I could do much better if you want to continue wasting money on eyesores.

  • http://www.facebook.com/alexander.bevil.9 Alexander Bevil

    1. I don’t see how that sculpture represents the character of the Hawaiian Islands; 2. If Rep. Hanohano dislikes “any work done by” anyone other than a Native Hawaiian, why does she have a painting by John Wisnosky, who was born in Springfield, Ill, in her office?

  • vet

    Its been a while, so whats’ happening now, Hanohano sheds a few tears and everything is o.K.? Politics goes on as usual? This is truly shameful! Us voters are not ignorant, we remember!

  • haolifornian


  • http://www.facebook.com/lori.ramona.5 Lori Ramona

    Her words are shameful…wow! Apology not accepted! she should be fired!

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