Bill Would Extend Forfeiture Actions to Petty Misdemeanors

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marijuana-06_university minnesota
Rep. Joe Souki has suggested allowing medical marijuana dispensaries in Hawaii. Public domain image.

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  • jeffrey moss

    Draconian is right!Punk bullies have taken over amerika,starting with the biggest punk of all,Obama.

  • http://www.facebook.com/torssten Ted Orssten

    SCREAM about this one !!Who voted for Malama Soloman ?? — WHAT A DUMB TRASHBAG!! This whole thing is outrageous,do these idiots want warfare in these islands ? The blind stupidity of this is UNBELIEVABLE ! The authors of this should be charged with war crimes, .put in solitary forever– AND -have ALL THEIR PROPERTY FORFEITED to pay for their bread and water!!

    • Right Winger.

      All these rules lately are merely an attempt to fill the government coffers with much needed money. Legalize marajuana and tax it, oh wait lets just steal the land from the serfs instead.

      • Right Winger

        I might add, War in the Islands is impossible. The gun control laws are so draconian that it would be nearly impossible to muster any response to the jackbooted thugs when they come to take the fruits of your labor.

  • http://www.facebook.com/brian.grimmer Brian Grimmer

    Just because one violates the social ideals does not mean that they should be subject to forfeiture as well as sanctions including jail time, fines and probation. Seems to be that perfection is expected in today’s society and there is to be no quarter granted by the institutions of law to those who make minor mistakes in the course of their life.

  • Alita

    Gee, just when we start getting close on decriminalizing pot, a new way to keep taking comes up. Where is the accountability – who gets what here, what happens to everything they have already taken? As far as I can tell no accountability here….guess they want to keep it up. Thanks Mitch and Russell for having your heads on straight. What about the alternative of collecting high fees for big real estate transactions? Ah, so much easier to hit the little guy, we don’t contribute as much at election time. Theses folks are bought just like Washington.

  • agilecyborg

    Hawaii’s Senate Committee on Water and Land is a human waste receptacle for petty dictators and malicious tyrants. How this revolting form of humanity receives access to power should horrify and mobilize the average citizen. If you don’t stand up and protect your freedom and liberty within the open society you WILL lose these sacred rights to parasites and malevolence slithering in the halls of government that operates with impunity. Government attracts the conniving, belligerent, and dominating. Trusting these people is an exercise in total delusion.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Byron-Matthews/735919198 Byron Matthews

    This is not surprising, you let democrats rule unopposed and they’ll turn us into North Korea in no time. The democrat party is ideologically no different from Marxism or Communism, it’s all about power and control over people’s lives.

    • Dubya Doodie

      It’s called the “Democratic” party. What do you people intend to accomplish by calling it the “Democrat” party? And what good is your opinion if you don’t even know the name of the party?

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