Souki Introduces Bill Legalizing Recreational Use of Marijuana

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marijuana-06_university minnesota
Rep. Joe Souki has suggested allowing medical marijuana dispensaries in Hawaii. Public domain image.

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  • Plant Dope. Harvest Ice.

    This will make more people unemployable, demotivates teens even more and will make driving on our roads more deadly, deter family and foreign tourism, up the crime rate, and will occur new costs for the state without getting any taxes from it.

    But then again, it’ll secure my job as a drug counselor far into the future.

    • Ken

      I do agree that legal booze does exactly what you say.

      But the topic is about legalizing pot!

      • Plant Dope. Harvest Ice.

        Alcohol is a drug about which much is known concerning the long-term effect on the human body (mostly bad). Academic studies about the negative effect of alcohol are accepted by various audiences, including law makers, alcohol consumers and alcoholics.

        There are few to none sponsored, questionable studies pointing out any benefits of alcohol (unlike cigarettes).

        Of marijuana, much less is known*. Academic studies pointing out any negative effects of marijuana are categorically denied by marijuana users in principle.

        However, there are an increasing number of sponsored, questionable studies regarding marijuana use supposedly benefitting economical, medical, social, political, criminal justice causes.

        *) Just one example:

        The dangerous effects of prescription drugs combined with alcohol are well known and labeled with warnings. Combinations of alcohol and/or prescription drugs like NyQuil, Ritalin, Tylenol, with marijuana are an increasing occurrence. Yet the marijuana promoting organizations are avoiding the topic. No study has been sponsored by them regarding this, no warnings on medical marijuana labels. Most likely it will need a law suit on the scale pharma companies encounter to get the politicians and medias attention.

        • Ken

          And when you think about it, all of the above, except
          marijuana is legal.

          That’s the sad part.

          Now if we looked at and treated the drunk who also likes
          to take Nyquil, Ritalin and Tylenol, maybe add in a few Codeine’s and Xanax’s the way we treat a pot smoker today, there might be a significant reduction in the abuse of legal alcohol and prescription drugs!

          • Dubya Doodie

            I don’t use either alcohol or pot or any other mind altering substances, but I’ve been around.

            Alcohol causes far more social problems than pot. Drunks are ten times more obnoxious and dangerous than potheads.

            Any cop will tell you that.

            So why don’t we make booze illegal? Because you guys like a drink now and then, but you don’t smoke pot. You care only about yourselves, and don’t care about the rights of anybody else.

            That’s why hard. Because of selfish, professional drug warriors looking out for themselves, looking for easy targets.

    • Dubya Doodie

      Neither Washington or Colorado allow teenagers to possess or use it, and it’s still illegal to drive under the influence in both states. Crime? Give me a break.

      I smell a conflict of interests. Maybe you’re just worried that you’ll lose a lot of court-ordered business… To think that people like you are “counselling” people in the first place… oh, my.

  • lavaboy

    Now police can concentrate on busting ice heads and fight real crime

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