Zipline Inspections Unneeded and Costly, Higa Says

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Zipline Inspections Unneeded and Costly, Higa Says
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  • Ilene Callaway

    I would say telling the public that there is not a safety risk involved with Zip Lines is creating a “false sense of security”. In my google alert concerning zip lines I have read of about 10 zip line accidents since my son died a year ago on a zip line in Hilo, Hawaii. that is almost one a month. Since most accidents on zip lines cause severe injuries if not death I would think that is quite a concern. Self regulations by the industry that is profiting from getting them built and operating didn’t work very well for my son.

    • Steve

      Ilene, I am so sorry for your loss. It is truly tragic. I do wonder if you think that regulations could actually keep this from happening again. Isn’t the company who created the situation at fault? Shouldn’t the construction company have used common business practices to ensure the safety of their workers? From the reports I read they already weren’t following workplace safety standards, so why would they follow other standards if they existed?

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