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Regular solar panel maintenance expands their life and increases the performance of the installed equipment. Clean solar panels simply make more energy. You may have taken the time to be more sustainable but sustainability does not continue without maintainability. You need to perform regular maintenance on your solar pane system to continue to gain the most you can from the sun. Do not just let your panels sit there and lose efficiency.

The potential energy loss depends on the levels of filth that your solar panels have accumulated. Energy loss could reach 75% and reports show that in most cases in only 3 months energy loss reaches 25-30%. By having your solar panels clean you save money and your investment.

Big Island Solar Pro is a professional solar panel cleaning and maintenance service. Most people who own solar panels don’t realize the importance of cleaning them. Salt, spray, dirt and dust degrade the performance of all solar panels by stripping the inefficiencies between 10% and 75% by blocking out the incoming solar energy.

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