LETTER: Zonta Club of Hilo Supports Automatic Voter Registration

The Zonta club of Hilo supports SB412 to enact an automatic voter registration process in the state of Hawai‘i.
March 12, 2019

LETTER: Access to Healthier Food Options Key to Ending Health Disparities

Read the latest national rankings on state health and Hawaii inevitably is listed as one of the healthiest states.
March 11, 2019

LETTER: Living With Cesspools Becomes a Long Series of ‘Situations’

As the founder of Cesspools Anonymous, I want to testify.
February 28, 2019

LETTER: Questions About Whale Deaths

"My interest in them is not for what scientific knowledge can be TAKEN from them, but as living family & good neighbors."
February 23, 2019

LETTER: Support—With Conditions—Bill Relating to OHA Budget

"I hope my testimony reaches you and is reviewed with compassion for Hawaiians everywhere and is also taken under consideration with regard to the suggestions..."
February 07, 2019

LETTER: Bill Stuffing on Hawaiian Telcom’s Part

Hawaiian Telcom recently rolled out a new $2.99 monthly add-on fee for all of their customers.
February 03, 2019

LETTER: Hawai‘i’s Submarine Fiber-Optic Cables Reaching End of Life Span

Hawaii has three main submarine fiber-optic cables that link all main islands. Two of these cables will be reaching the end of their 25 year lifespan.
January 18, 2019

LETTER: Why Are Residents Leaving Hawai‘i?

It’s too expensive.
January 03, 2019

LETTER: Water Pollution Offshore Honoliʻi Beach

I am writing to inform you of an action that is required on behalf of the community to safeguard our ocean and our general safety and health.
November 28, 2018

LETTER: ‘State Agency May Have Blacklisted My Email Address’

I’ve had issues with two state departments, Hawaii Department of Transportation and the Department of Land and Natural Resources.
November 19, 2018