UPDATE: Hilo Lanes Closing Leaves Bowlers Without Lanes

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Waiakea High School administrators canceled the school's bowling season after students and parents scrambled to keep it going following the sudden closing of Hilo Lanes in May. Hunter Bishop photo.

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  • Belinda Jardine

    OMG,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Want esle you people like close…Thats y a lot of us is moving of the island there noting for our kids to do……….SAD

  • Tammy Lapa

    That’s sad, that’s why I moved away, nothing to do for our children….

  • Byron

    Just a guess but I’ll bet they’re closing because no one was going there. While I agree, Hilo could use more attractions, it truly isn’t our job to entertain kids, we don’t owe them anything. They could get off the couch, go ride a bike, go for a swim, fish, hunt, read a book, donate their time to a cause, etc etc.,
    The closing of the bowling alley isn’t the end of the world

    • Noryb

      Byron is right! We don’t owe kids anything! That’s the problem with you liberals, you always want to entertain your kids, do nice stuff for kids. That is what is wrong with this country. Thank you, Byron, for having the good ol’ American guts to say what no one else would say!

  • http://bigislandsightseeingtours.org/ Joseph rico bugado

    oh well just open a roller skating rink there and the kids would love it

  • Rona K. Kaalakea

    Listen… I was there when they closed Waialae Bowl at Kahala Mall (next to Mc D’s) and its still closed! The building is still solid, roof has some leaks, but all bowling machines, bathrooms, perfect lanes, all worked… everything worked… every light bulb turned on!!!
    Kamehameha schools own the land, but won’t or can’t make a deal. Leaving our keiki out on the streets! I’m sure our king and queen wanted that for their ohana.
    Now the people who ran the bowling alley are doing other things… so who’s left to run it? It’s been over 5 years.

    All I’m saying is don’t let it sit and decay to nothing. Turn it over to the bowling clubs. Let them collaborate with each other. They fundraise to pay to bowl… They can fundraise to run the place themselves and bowl for free. And you can rent out the food area to a diner or something

  • Kameha Eha

    funny how everyone get the answers to fix the bowling alley, yet everyone no donate time money or efftort to help the place strive. bowlers complain about the prices and fees, yet do you know how much it costs to run the alley? probably not. and shame on hilo for blaming the owners. get a life, if you guys so worried now, go throw a fundraiser… so digusting

  • 808 broke state
  • Pahoa Dad

    Wasn’t there money borrowed for renovations?? Where did it go?

  • http://bigislandsightseeingtours.org/ Joseph rico bugado

    well i hope they fix it up and make a skating rink out of it its fun for our children and adults if you like bowl go kona or k m c

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