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LETTER: State Inviting “Prison-Industrial Complex” to Hawaii

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LETTER: State Inviting "Prison-Industrial Complex" to Hawaii
Halawa Correctional Facility. Courtesy photo.

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  • Maloha

    Want to reduce the % of native Hawaiians in prison? Stop the criminal behavior!

    • Idiot_Box

      Ha ha. Nice try, troll.

    • http://tinyurl.com/2a9fqa Ken Conklin

      Deadman says “Whereas the population of Native Hawaiians in the state is roughly 20 percent, state statistics show 41 percent of the incarcerated are Native Hawaiian … it is more likely that Hawaiians represent more than 60 percent of the prison populations. This is an unacceptable violation of the civil rights of Native Hawaiians.” No, what is unacceptable is if one ethnic group far outstrips all others in generating criminals, who violate the civil rights of law-abiding people by committing crimes against them that are so severe as to require imprisonment. Deadman’s solution is to create a genteel country club where the prisoners can be coddled and recruited for Hawaiian activist gangs. I think the solution is to stop coddling criminals. Give them the punishment their crimes deserve, so their friends and relatives will see that there are bad consequences to criminal behavior.

      • wake_up

        The problem is socio-economic, not “ethnic.” Ken, you obviously are ignorant of the pervasive institutional racism in the U.S. You obviously have no idea how drugs like cocaine and heroin get into this country. You obviously have never wondered why poor neighborhoods have more liquor stores and gun shops than supermarkets or quality schools. But yeah, it’s the brown people’s fault. They’re genetically predisposed to become criminals.

        • http://tinyurl.com/2a9fqa Ken Conklin

          The victimhood comparative racial statistics for incarceration, heart disease, poverty, etc. are all ridiculously wrong. Here are two reasons. (1) Anyone with one drop of Hawaiian blood is counted as fully “Native Hawaiian” and is NOT counted in any of the other racial groups which he belongs to. So of course that makes Hawaiians look bad even if they are no worse than others. The right way to allocate race is if someone has 1/8 Hawaiian, 1/4 Caucasian, 1/2 Japanese, and 1/8 Filipino, then each of those races gets the corresponding fraction of one tally mark added to their victimhood count. I’ll bet Hawaiians would come out about the same as everyone else. (2) In Census 2010, the median age of ethnic Hawaiians was only 26, whereas the median age of everyone else (removing Hawaiians) was 42. That 16-year age gap is HUGE. Young people are the ones who commit crimes (especially violent crimes requiring jail) far more than middle-aged people. So the fact that Hawaiians are far younger than everyone else explains why they are disproportionately incarcerated — it’s because they’re young, not because they are bad people and not because they are discriminated against.

          • wake_up

            Again, you are putting the cart before the horse. Who is creating the conditions that cause young people to commit crimes in the first place? In other words, who is responsible for poor education? A lack of decent paying job opportunities? An economy that is on the brink of collapse? A state that incarcerates more of its citizens than any other? Yet you blame people for their ethnicity and their youth?! The ignorance of Americans never ceases to amaze me…

            If aliens landed on Earth today, they would be unable to distinguish between “races” and all human language would sound the same to them. That is how closely we are all connected, how little difference there actually is between human beings. We are all one family, but unfortunately, we can’t see the forest for the trees and we have been conditioned (by our parents, our schools, our churches and our “leaders”) to believe that skin color, or “blood” or whatever you want to call it actually makes a difference–because it enables domination of one group over another. Institutional racism does exist, even if you chose to be willfully ignorant of it.

  • liberty_or_death

    Read up on for-profit prisons. They actually make money off every body in a cell. They lobby lawmakers for harsher sentencing. There are more people in prison in the US (a.k.a. “the land of the free”) than any other country on the planet. Look it up! This is the police state coming to our little island home. People who work for these companies are earning a living off the suffering of other human beings. If prison rape was added to national rape statistics, it would show that more men are raped than women in this country. Guards rape and abuse. They smuggle in drugs and accept bribes. This is a sick system that prays on the most vulnerable in our society. The prison industry is probably the only industry in the US that is actually turning a profit right now. Refuse to allow this encroachment on humanity right here where we live. Refuse to allow or accept this on our island. Don’t work for these scum!

    • Plant Down Babylon

      And vote out EVERY legislator who voted for this!!! We’re already becoming a police state. What’s next, immigration checkpoints? Drug checkpoints?

      Seatbelt/cellphone checkpoints? OH WAIT, we already have those…..

  • Maloha

    “Who is creating the conditions that cause young people to commit crimes in the first place?” Another way to look at it is, who allows their circumstances to dicate the direction of their life? There plenty of great examples of people rising above their own circumstances to become outstanding people, raise a great family, get a first class education, and make outstanding contributions to society.

    Like President Obama. Native Hawaiians should look to him as an example and focus on making their own lives better, not pointing fingers and whining about “I can’t make it because of so and so and such and such….suck it up!

    • wake_up

      Yeah yeah yeah. The “land of opportunity” right? Anyone who believes in that “American Dream” claptrap is a real sucker. Barry Sotero is a fake, the deep state selected him as yet another face man to fool people who believe what the mass media and teevee tells them to think. I guess you don’t have any clue about what life is actually like for people in Detroit or the deep South or urban East Coast.

      Blacks have fared worse under the Obama regime than under any other president since the civil rights movement. Look it up. The fact that they overwhelmingly support him shows how successful the lies have been. But I don’t have to tell you about dishonesty, it seems to come naturally to you. My hat’s off to you “Maloha,” you are a troll extraordinaire.

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