Legislature Approves Two-Year Study of Hemp

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Legislature Approves Two-Year Study of Hemp
A field of hemp in France. Wikimedia image.

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  • Plant Down Babylon

    WOW! What a bold step forward, NOT.

    We should be growing hemp like crazy. Studies? For what?

    You plant it, it grows, you harvest it and use it for a multitude of beneficial things.

    It used to be against the law not to grow it. The average american’s memory is about 10 minutes. At least we’re moving in the right direction.

  • Cindy Trautmeyer

    Dean of CTHAR, you know what to do: Nothing! Concentrate on the academic issues and you’ll be fine. Don’t risk your job for a political issue where only trouble lies ahead. You know already that the Army Engineers and John Burns Medical School have zero interest to get involved.

  • Vote for freedom

    Democrats, they’re only pro-choice on abortion

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