TripAdvisor: Kailua Top ‘Destination On The Rise’

December 4, 2013, 2:58 PM HST (Updated December 5, 2013, 8:54 AM) · 0 Comments

Kailua-Kona has been named the top “destination on the rise” winner in the US, the leading up-and-coming travel hot spot in the country, by the travel website TripAdvisor which released its top ten this week.

TripAdvisor’s Travelers’ Choice Awards for Destinations on the Rise are based on interest and feedback from travelers. “Whether they are large cities gathering steam or off-the-beaten-path locations, travelers have discovered and highly rated the accommodations, attractions and restaurants in all of the award-winning destinations,” said a TripAdvisor release.

Internationally, Havana, Cuba, received the top ranking worldwide, and only 45 destinations were awarded throughout the world, including Kailua-Kona. The top “destinations on the rise” in the US, according to TripAdvisor, are:

1. Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

2. Anchorage, Alaska

3. Destin, Florida

4. Bar Harbor, Maine


5. Santa Fe, New Mexico

6. Jackson, Wyoming

7. Galveston, Texas

8. Brooklyn, New York

9. Moab, Utah

10. Gettysburg, Pennsylvania



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