Council Votes to Restrict GMOs, Ban Fracking

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Council Votes to Restrict GMOs, Ban Fracking
A bill that would ban genetically modified crops on the Big Island contains an exemption for GMO papayas. HDOA photo.

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  • Plant Down Babylon

    How you like them apples (papayas), Monsatan?! We are gaining momentum. Kaua’i & Big isl are leading the way. We just need Oahu to wake up (yes, N.shore, you’re working hard).

    Just remember how YOUR elected leaders, whom you’ve chosen to represent YOU, vote on this issue! If they don’t do the right thing, come next election cycle..


    BTW, 75%+ of rainbow papayas are GMO. Eating them is your choice. Japan and other countries refuse to import them. I wonder why?? They go for $10 each in Japan, in Kona, $2 for 8 of them.

  • Guest

    What a bunch of superstitious, morons. Keep your environmentalist dogma to yourself.

    • Plant Down Babylon

      If GMO’s are so great, LABEL THEM!!

      A smart person would be concerned about knowing what they put into their body.

      Sounds like the only fool is you.

      • Guest

        A smart person wouldn’t try to ban everything they don’t understand. A smart person would take into account there has never been a person to have ever gotten sick or died from gmo’s. But that doesn’t matter, you people have your dogma and that’s all the proof you need.

        • Plant Down Babylon

          You people? HAHAHAHAHA!

          The simple fact you don’t want them labeled speaks VOLUMES!
          It can’t get any more obvious than that.

          • Guest

            And where do we find you? Under the yellowpages in the B’s? Sober up, you don’t make sense

          • Plant Down Babylon

            Now that’s creepy. Are you coming for me? HAHAHAHA

            When WA passes the labeling bill, the other states will follow.
            Mexico banned ALL GMO’S and is joining 64 other countries who have done the same.
            Why would monsatan spend 50+mil in WA and CA alone to defeat a labeling bill? Is there something they don’t want us to know?

            93% of the public wants it, it’s going to happen.

            You lose…..

          • Dolphinwahine

            Too many citizens in WA use TV and mainstream media as their paramount sources of education. Monsanto and other chemical/ag and processed GMO food giants shoved over 22 million dollars into advertising, brainwashing tactics and WHATEVER IT TAKES to prevent labeling, whether it’s legal or not.
            We can all be gullible in some capacity or another and there are plenty of people who for whatever reason, prefer to remain in a blissful state of ignorance and ride the wave of denial.
            No matter what happens, count your blessings that you have the power to educate yourselves and to make healthy choices for yourselves, your loved ones and for the environment.

      • Byron

        Labeling them accepts your stupid premise and Iim sorry but there’s nothing wrong with them.

        • Plant Down Babylon

          Say ‘hi’ to your coworkers at monsanto for me!
          Enjoy eating your GMO’s. We’ll see how that turns out for you.

          And yes, there’s plenty wrong with GMO’s besides the fact that they’re NOT NATURAL.

          • Guest

            Natural is overrated. Crapping indoors isn’t natural but it sure beats the forest.

          • Plant Down Babylon

            Great intellectual response. We’re already seeing the effects of GMO’S on you.

        • Dolphinwahine

          Check out the links to the GMO statement now signed by hundreds of experts The criteria for signing the statement:
          “Scientists, physicians, social scientists, academics, and specialists in legal aspects and risk assessment of GM crops and foods. Scientist and academic signatories should have qualifications from accredited institutions at the level of PhD or equivalent. Legal experts should have at least a JD or equivalent. Academics whose qualifications are in the humanities, other than social scientists, or other non-scientific qualifications are excluded from the signatories.”

  • Cindy Trautmeyer

    They only imported one shipment of GMO papaya to COSTCO Japan in 2012. And one for a food show. But apparently no grocery chain or other buyers are to be found in Japan. There is no market for GMO papayas. Unless you omit the proper label as still allowed here in the USA.

  • Dolphinwahine

    What most pro-GMO folks don’t quite understand is that birds, bees, and wind can carry genetically engineered pollen great distances where it can contaminate other plants. Genetically engineered organisms escape into the environment where they reproduce with “clean” non-GMO plants or organisms and mutate. They can never be recalled. There are insufficient studies proving the safety of genetically engineered organisms. Some could be (we sure hope so, since, like papaya, they’re everywhere on Big Island!) harmless and others, especially when coupled with various insecticidal & herbicidal applications can be deadly. Did you know that since the introduction of Roundup to Hawaii, the incidence of liver cancer is now the highest of all States in the USA?

    • Guest

      What most anti-GMO folks don’t realize or choose to ignore is that gmo’s are regulated by the FDA and USDA and there isn’t a single shred of evidence to suggest they are anything but harmless.
      The problem is were up against environmental religion and superstition, NOT facts or studies or evidence. But that won’t stop you people from attempting to put HAWAII farmers out of business will it.

      • NorCalFarmer

        Excellent Post

      • Dolphinwahine

        Michael Taylor, former Monsanto Vice President, is now the FDA Deputy Commissioner for Foods.
        Margret Miller, former Monsanto researcher, also works for the FDA. (What??) Approving what Monsanto wishes?…hmmm Naw? That can’t be true? $ is more important than the health of Americans? The list is long.

        Roger Beachy, former director of the Monsanto-funded Danforth Plant Science Center, was appointed first Director of the USDA National Institute of Food & Agriculture NIFA. Beachy’s collaboration with Monsanto led to the development of the world’s first GMO food crop, a variety of tomato.

        USDA Secretary is none other than pro-biotech former governor of Iowa Tom Vilsack.
        Islam Siddiqui, Vice President of the Monsanto and Dupont-funded pesticide-promoting lobbying group, CropLife, is the Agriculture Negotiator for the US Trade Representative.
        Rajiv Shah, former agricultural-development director for Monsanto affilite and frequent partner, pro-biotech Gates Foundation, served as Obama’s USDA Under Secretary for Research Education and Economics and Chief Scientist and is now head of USAID the United States Agency for International Development. So you think the FDA has been doing it’s job? Educate yourself. Look up Regulatory Capture.

        • Dolphinwahine

          Historically in our government, the biotech industry has been affiliated in the highest roles in government. President Obama has taken his team of food and farming leaders directly from the biotech companies and their lobbying, research and philanthropic arms. Knowing these facts do not make me feel that my food is safe. On the contrary. This is no time for complacency.

      • Dolphinwahine

        I’m sorry if you feel the only way your business can be successful is through GMO, My aim is to educate, not to insult. Please read the links and my posts. Change for the better yields more success if undertaken early. Malama pono!

        • Guest

          Who’s insulting? You don’t have a single solitary shred of evidence to suggest GMO food is anything but safe. So by definition, your position is based on superstition and environmental dogma.
          It really takes a special kind of arrogance to want to destroy someones livelihood and then tell them they can grow something else.
          It’s not enough for YOU to go and eat the foods you like, people like you have to use the government to force the rest of us to eat what you think we should eat.

          • Dolphinwahine

            There is evidence! Even in spite of GMO patenting laws that continue to prevent studies. So, you haven’t read any of the links I posted? I find it hard to believe that anyone in their right mind would discount the shared statement of hundreds of scientists, doctors and experts.

            I don’t understand what you’re implying when you say my position is based on superstition and environmental dogma.

            Not I or anyone else on this forum has ever said they want to destroy anyone’s lively hood or that you should grow something else.

            Denial can lead a logical person to ruin through emotional investment in an under-educated mindset. Remaining stagnant while baiting people with irrational accusations is unreasonable. So far, you get an F from me. Please do your homework.

            Since you don’t care about the statement made by hundreds of respected experts with PHDs, if you want to raise your awareness I suggest you look up the term REGULATORY CAPTURE on Wikipedia, then look up who’s employed at the FDA, USDA and the EPA for starters; Then look up where else they worked. You may learn something interesting. Who knows what kind of successes you can attain through knowledge!

            Good luck at raising your grade!

          • Guest

            The bill up for debate bans local farmers from growing GMO crops, I have friends who grow papaya’s. This bill WILL put them out of business. And for what? Because YOU don’t like GMO’s? I don’t have a problem with them, they aren’t hurting any one. Your dislike for them is not based on any science or facts, the best I can tell, it’s because it’s “not natural” but so what? That’s just dogma, not science.

            I’ve been eating GMO food my whole life and I’m a hellova lot healthier than those emaciated hipplies you see walking around the local healthfood stores.

            People think that if you eat the right foods and avoid the wrong ones, you’ll live till you’re 100 and be healthy, which is just not true. You know what’s the leading killer in this country? Genetics, period.

          • Dolphinwahine

            So far there are two versions of the bill and one doesn’t ban the current GMO Papaya. You’ve jumped to conclusions again and think I want GMO papaya to be banned on the Big Island. No but I do want all other GMO banned and regulations for pesticides, chemicals, etc!
            The Papaya does have me wondering about it’s future.
            GMO papaya has been modified by insertion of genetic codes from the Ringspot virus itself. In nature, viruses tend to morph over time to overide protections from the species they “prey” on. That’s not to say that the virus will or won’t do so with this type of un-natural insertion of it’s own genetic virus-codes. However, it was released en-masse before any wholly considerable research was completed. Now, it really can’t be recalled.
            The GMO pollen has been and continues to infiltrate papayas of all varieties around the islands so that many, quite possibly the majority of all papaya fruits now contain GMO dna.
            It’s unfortunate that nothing like this was considered prior to it’s approval. It’s responsible for injuring farmers who export non-gmo to foreign countries and marketing firms who have strict non-gmo policies.
            The businesses injured by GMO papayas include everyone who grows non-gmo papayas and organic varieties. You can’t label it non-GM or Organic when the fruits contain GMO DNA!.
            Before the mass introduction of the GMO varieties, a multitude of farms were not affected by ringspot because of their farming practices. No considerations were given to them. Now they’re screwed.
            This kind of carelessness leads to premature choices and disaster that isn’t usually realized until it’s too late. ..
            Think about the introduction of centipedes, mongoose, roi and the long list of other animals, plants, viruses…organisms on land, in the sea, that were introduced only to be horrible, destructive, dangerous, invasive pests that have gained such a foothold that there is no hope of ever getting rid of them!
            It’s these kinds of foolhardy introductions that have let to the extinction of Native Species in Hawaii and all over planet earth.
            Mankind is cursed with thinking he’s so smart, but it seems that we’re never smart enough and someone else always thinks, because it benefits them or their friends that it’s ok to use their power to “get it done”. Then it’s done.
            Papaya is not a native Hawaiian species and soon, all papayas in Hawaii will contain GMO dna just as there are centipedes everywhere.
            What I don’t like is reaching such a point of no return after the introduction of something that no one considered destructive because it would profit them, regardless of what happens to anyone else. Somehow, these are plain to see for some people and impossible for others to see what could possibly go wrong?. Go figure.
            At this point, an organism like Papaya, that easily cross pollinates through a great number of ways and has been released into the environment years ago is unstoppable, Short of killing every single papaya plant and thoroughly destroying every papaya and papaya seed on the island, Waiting years, finding and killing every sprout, then bringing in new stock from another country after thorough testing? Hah! TOO LATE!
            So, I stand with Margret Willie on this one and think the current GMO Papapyas should remain exempt from the Bill!
            I am all for her version of the Bill to Ban further GMO and to regulate pesticides/poisons on Big Island!
            We must start somewhere!

            One more thing though, your references to emaciated hippies made me think of obese people who drink diet drinks, eat fast food and can’t control their diets that have to have their feet amputated due to diabetic complications. I think the people you refer to as emaciated hippies are probably healthier than you think!

  • Dolphinwahine

    GMO safety? Link to the official statement signed by scientists, physicians, academics and experts, not paid by the biotech industry or their associates signed about GMOs:http://sustainablepulse.com/wp-content/uploads/ENSSER_Statement_no_scientific_consensus_on_GMO_safety_ENG_LV.pdf

    Many more professionals have signed since, but here’s the link to the original 93 signators http://sustainablepulse.com/wp-content/uploads/First_signatories_to_the_statement_no_scientific_consensus_on_GMO_safety_lv.pdf

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