Zippy’s Opens to Long Lines in Hilo

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Zippy's Opens to Long Lines in Hilo
People queue up at the new Zippy's location. Photo courtesy David Corrigan / Big Island Video News.

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  • Paddler66

    Long lines sounds about right for a Zippy’s opening. I lived on Maui when word was spreading that Zippy’s was going to open there. Lots of people were eagerly awaited the day and when it finally came there were long lines and jammed parking lots. That lasted for a couple of months or so before everyone began to realize that the food really wasn’t that great, that Zippy’s insisted on actually preparing food on Oahu and shipping it over to Maui. That meant no local original cooking.

    I had heard such great things about their chili that when I finally got a chance to go, after the lines had abated and people got used to it, I was sorely disappointed. The chili at my local market was far better. After a time the Zippy’s on Maui saw their business slow down and it is no longer seeing long lines of eager customers, just their regulars. They didn’t win anyone over with their food.

    I wonder if this newest iteration of the franchise will have learned something from that experience or will this be a repeat. I will be interested to see how this one fares over time and what the word of mouth will be about it.

    Maybe being in a mall will help them.

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