Police Chief Critical of Newspapers’ Error

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Police Chief Critical of Newspapers' Error
Police Chief Harry Kubojiri speaking on June 21 before the Hawaii County Police Commission. Photo by Dave Smith.

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  • yo

    Everyone knows the police in puna are a sad joke. Murder cases unsolved, methheads run rampant, and domestic abuse shrugged as “boys will be boys”.

  • sculptorshaw

    Was the reporter reprimanded or fired for making such an unprofessional mistake

  • stinkyboy

    in my experience, people will call the police, and the police will respond, only if a serious felony has been committed. a stabbing. house burned down. cars smashed on the road. death, and or mayhem and destruction. otherwise, when it comes to property crimes, and misdemeanors, it’s the wild west.

  • Plant Down Babylon

    Maybe the chief should worry more about what his officers are doing, than what the paper’s reporting…
    There has got to be some violent MMJ growers out there that he can arrest!!

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