Chocolate Gala: You’re Invited to Indulge

March 21, 2013, 12:03 AM HST (Updated March 22, 2013, 2:02 PM)

OK. There’s a four-foot high fondue fountain of chocolate, tables of chocolate confections, savory chocolate infused foods and more created by 25 chefs and culinary students.

This Saturday, March 23, The Fairmont Orchid is the place to experience sweet and savory treats all night long from 5:30 p.m. to 10 p.m.

The second annual chocolate fest offers attendees unlimited wine and ale tasting, salad and mole bar, pronounced (moh-lay), or chocolate based, Mexican sauce.

Not so sweet-tooth centric people can choose to avoid bon bon overload with beef, chicken, tofu and vegetable dishes with a savory mole sauce.

Chocolate curls, courtesy image from Fairmont Orchid.

Chocolate curls, courtesy image from Fairmont Orchid.

Kona Brewing Company is providing the brews, but if beer isn’t to your taste, try a variety of wines, some of which are chocolate infused.

As if the wine and beer tastings, and 25 chefs with their delicious creations weren’t enough, oooh and aaah over the making of a 40 pound chocolate sculpture by Chef Donald Wressell.

Then bump and grind on the dance floor to Bump City after 8 p.m.


Take part in the people’s choice competition for the festival’s best in chocolate awards, bid on great silent auction items, and then when it’s over, regale non-attendees with your weekend of sensory overload.

Enjoy and raise funds for the Palamanui and Kona Pacific Public Charter School’s new community amphitheater. Tickets are available online at, and cost $75 each.

Visit the site for more information on other festival events such as, chocolate demonstrations, chocolate and whiskey pairing and more from March 21.

Ensure a sweet weekend full of live music, dance, wine and beer tasting. You won’t have to drag your friends along. There’s chocolate. For many, nothing more is needed.



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