UPDATE: Ruling Could Spell End of ‘Lowest Priority’ Law

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DOJ photo.
DOJ photo.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/max.legroom.1 Max Legroom

    unfortunately, Prosecutor Iboshi is wrong…for example, in Seattle, the City Attorney, Pete Holmes, does not prosecute minor possession cases…marijuana is still illegal at the state and federal level, but Mr Holmes had decided not to waste limited resources by prosecuting such cases (which is in compliance with I-75, their version of a lowest law enforcement law). In California, possession of an ounce or less is now a civil violation, punishable by a fine…there is not court appearance, and no criminal record…marijuana is still illegal at the state and federal level, yet possession is no longer a petty misdemeanor…

    it is pathetic that neither Iboshi nor Ashida get it…it is pathetic that they will not honor the wishes of voters and the tax payers of the community they claim to represent…