How to Prepare for a Tsunami, Nature’s Warning Signs

April 24, 2018, 1:39 AM HST (Updated April 23, 2018, 5:42 PM)

Tsunami Awareness Month: Part 1 – Basic information about tsunamis

This is the second segment of our Tsunami Awareness Month series. In the first segment, we go over basic information like: What is a tsunami? Evacuation zone maps. FAQs. Tsunami Alert levels and what they mean. Run-up maps.

This portion of the interview discusses the common “natural warning signs” of tsunamis, what to do if a tsunami alert is issued or you think a local tsunami may have been generated, how to prepare for tsunamis and surprising facts about the aftermath of a tsunami.


There was recently a Family Preparedness Workshop held in Haiku. Useful handouts, resources and preparedness information was provided to the public. To access information on what should be in your “Grab-n-Go” binder, a pantry prepper calculator to help estimate how much food you should have in your survival stash, a supplies master list and a worksheet to help you put together a family plan for different scenarios. Mahalo to Summer Starr for providing these amazing resources to Maui Now at this GOOGLE DRIVE link.



Food and Water Storage: 

How to Start a Prepper Food Pantry (VIDEO)

Beginning Preppers 30 Day Shopping List (VIDEO)

Start a 3 Week Prepper Food Pantry (VIDEO)


Water Purification & Water Storage:

Berkey Water Filters – For EVERY-DAY home use (no electricity needed)

Katydyn – For travel/BOB/EDC (no electricity needed)

LifeStraw – For travel/BOB/EDC (no electricity needed)

Emergency Water Storage – For shelter in place situations: Bathtub Emergency Water Storage


First Aid Kits: (Remember to stock up on medications that may be specific to your family’s needs)

Red Cross First Aid Kit Suggestions

Short video on EDC (Every Day Carry) first-aid kits


FRS (Family Radio Service) radios
NOAA Weather Radios
Additional NOAA Weather Radio
Faraday Bags


Helpful Websites:
The Survival Mom

Preparedness Mama

Build an Ark: A Preparedness Institute

Prepping For Beginners

The Survivalist Prepper Podcast (iTunes)

Malika Dudley
Malika was born and raised in Hilo. She began her career in news at KGMB9 in 2007. As a part of their weather team, Malika was nominated for two Emmy Awards and won the prestigious Edward R. Murrow Journalism Award for her reporting on Big Island tsunami damage in 2011. She is a Certified Meteorologist and graduate of the University of Hawaii at Manoa with a BA in Speech Communication and French. Malika leads the Big Island Now weather team and enjoys conducting video interviews for Big Island Now's news and entertainment sections. The former Miss Hawaii is also a black belt in karate, avid waterwoman, jewelry designer, singer, TV host and mommy blogger.


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