Birth of Black Hole Captured for First Time

Hawai‘i telescopes help astronomers identify mysterious glowing ‘cow’ in the sky.
January 10, 2019

Astronomers Uncover Brightest Quasar in Early Universe

Astronomers in Hawai‘i have discovered the brightest object ever seen at a time when the universe was less than one billion years old.
January 09, 2019

Maunakea Scholars & Mānoa Academy Prep Hawaiʻi’s Aspiring Astronomers

Hawaiʻi students receive world-class STEM learning opportunity through pilot program in partnership with University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa for the first time.
January 09, 2019

UH Astronomer Receives American Astronomical Society’s Highest Award

Ann Merchant Boesgaard was awarded the 2019 Henry Norris Russell Lectureship by the American Astronomical Society.
January 08, 2019

Keck Discovery of New Exoplanet May Alter Planet Formation Theory

Astronomers have found a new exoplanet that could alter the standing theory of planet formation.
January 08, 2019

Science Students to Share Discoveries at ‘Imiloa Talk

The Maunakea Speaker Series talk is free to attend and will happen on Thursday, Jan. 10, from 7 to 8 p.m.
January 05, 2019

TMT Offers $320,000 for 2019 STEM Internship Program

The Akamai Workforce Initiative is seeking applicants for its Akamai Summer Internship Program.
January 04, 2019

Applications for Akamai Summer Internship Program Available

TMT provides $320,000 in funding for 2019 STEM Internship Program.
January 02, 2019

Alaska Aeropspace Proposes Big Island Launch Site

The Alaska Aerospace Corporation wants to build the Pacific Spaceport Complex-Hawai‘i (PSCH) on the Big Island of Hawai‘i.
January 01, 2019

VIDEO: Dragonflies, Dark Matter & the Hunt for Ghostly Galaxies

W.M. Keck's Astronomy Talk series will feature "Dragonflies, Dark Matter, And The Hunt For Ghostly Galaxies" by Pieter Van Dokkum.
December 28, 2018