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October 05, 2015 07:40am
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Candlelight Vigil for Syria

Posted April 10, 2017, 03:35 PM HST

Women’s March national and state organizers are standing together to send a strong message that “we will not be silent in the face of atrocities.”

All Hawai‘i residents and visitors are invited to participate on Thursday, April 13, 2017, when Women’s March – Hawai’i partners with Hawaii Chapter of Amnesty International to host a candlelight vigil in solemn recognition of the lives lost and forever altered by recent events in Syria.

The event will be held at Ala Moana Beach Park (the grassy area across Ala Moana Park Drive from the blue monkey bars).

“Six years of war has ripped Syria apart,” said Sherry Campagna, chair of Women’s March Hawai’i. “The violence has been borne in unequal measure by the women and children caught in all sides of the fighting and the fleeing. Our hearts are breaking for our sisters and their families. We know that U.S. bombs will never lead Syria to peace. Let us gather together to send aloha and light around the world to those that we wish we could pull to safety.”


“We are demanding justice for the victims of Syria!” said Beatriz Cantelmo, chair of Hawai’i Chapter of Amnesty International. ” We are demanding United Nations to issue and implement their new mechanism to assist investigations into war crimes and pushes for the prosecution of perpetrators so that those who are suspected of committing war crimes and crimes against humanity are brought to justice. We are demanding that the U.S. immediately revoke the Muslim travel ban and end restrictions on refugees on Syria, fleeing the horrors at home.”

For more information, email hawaii@womensmarch.com.


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Greg McKee Wonder why they weren't marching the past 6 years when Obama was dropping bombs. Odd how they just now suddenly became concerned enough to march for their Syrian "sisters". Hypocrite much? Everything is ideological with them. Even concern for their Syrian "sisters".April 10, 2017 04:09pm
Les Miller The Syrians don't want to leave their country! Asad is killing his own people, wake up! Obama knew about this but his media wasn't tell you! Asad is a murderer, the UN is aware of the atrocities too. Think about why the ME was destabilized in the first place and who was on board with it. What the hell you protesting now. Educate yourselves you might learn something.April 10, 2017 05:23pm
Lisa Marie Gallego Go easy on the Pakalolo Bruh.. you've lost your mind. They can stay in Syria and all of you lighting your candles can go light them there and do a march. Let me know how it goes!April 10, 2017 07:58pm
Keturah Elizabeth This has been going on for YEARS and you care now? #agendaApril 11, 2017 07:21am

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