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OPINION: The Sex Files – Hawaii Craigslist Edition

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OPINION: The Sex Files - Hawaii Craigslist Edition
Sex in Hawaii is getting a little more hazardous. Image courtesy University of Hawaii.

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  • Cindy Trautmeyer

    It’s wrong to generalize out with condescending political correctness that ALL sexual encounters are equally hazardous. The 5 reported cases concern only MSM (Men having Sex with Men). There is no report regarding increased syphilis amongst heterosexual encounters in West Hawai’i.

    As a matter of fact, the depicted young caucasian female in bathing suit is the least likely candidate to get infected (or offering unpaid casual sex on craigslist). It would have been correct to show an image of two men (black and/or white) interacting, as they are the ones who spreading it in West Hawai’i.

    • ZekeTX

      Considering how many guys are on the “down low”–not just on this island but pretty much everywhere–ladies should be cautious, too. Besides, how many women can trust their men 100% these days?

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