Dozens Vent About Geothermal Before Council

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JYoshimoto, Brittany Smart
J Yoshimoto, right, chairman of the Committee on Agriculture, Water and Energy Sustainability, and committee member Brittany Smart heard testimony on geothermal development from dozens of Big Island residents. Photo by Dave Smith.

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  • Leimana Pelton

    New Zealand Geothermal engineer quote from my visit there 20 years ago; Hawaii is the deadliest resource on the planet. You folks have not done your homework, and are ignoring public safety and responsible research, not to mention monitoring the exploritory well steam for dangerous emissions. I can’t believe the state of Hawaii is considering this expansion, let alone allowing a hazardous industry in a residential area. This is strictly negligent greed which will result in MORE deaths of primarily children and the elderly from just normal (illegal) venting and drilling operations. After all is there any common good sense in drilling the most active volcano on the planet? If the ignorance of the state government needs a sledghammer then they shall receive legal and natural manifestations of exactly what is necessary.

  • Anonymous

    HELCO cant raise rates without the blessing of the State. So the governmeng tells us to use all these wonderful alternative sources of energy like geothermal but yet we still pay the highest rate in the country.

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