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UHERO factbook explains Hawai‘i housing crisis as home sales hit 25-year low

UHERO reported high interest rates, high prices and low supply have continued to keep housing extremely unaffordable.

‘Wicked Tuna’ star meets Kaua‘i fishermen, scientist eager to resume local ahi research

Reality TV’s Dave Marciano and a group of Garden Isle fishermen say scientific collaboration is key to keeping their fisheries healthy.

State of Hawaiʻi Issues $750M in general obligation bonds

In preparation for the bond sale, Gov. Green, Director of Finance Luis Salaveria, and other senior state officials met with bond rating agencies that included S&P Global Ratings, Moody’s Investors Service, and Fitch Ratings, to facilitate their review of the state’s credit quality.

Gov. Green nominates Tokioka for Hawaiʻi’s economic chief; Senate rejected first choice

After the Senate rejected his first choice, Hawai’i Gov. Josh Green nominated James Kunane Tokioka of Kauaʻi to serve as the Director of the Department of Business, Economic Development and Tourism.

Big Island, state visitor numbers rising

Visitor arrivals to the Big Island were up nearly 23% by February.

Hawaiʻi’s economy slowing but no recession, UH research report says

While international tourism will continue to recover, domestic travel in Hawai’i will soften as the U.S. economy contracts later this year.

Most Hawai‘i State Workers To Face Furlough in January

The administration projects the two-day furlough will save the state an estimated $300 million over a one-year period.

‘Looming Financial Crisis’ Ahead for Hawai‘i as Tax Revenues Plummet

In June of 2019, Hawai‘i collected $644 million in taxes compared to $483 million this year.

Green Announces ‘Travel With Aloha’ Program

Lieutenant Governor Josh Green on Monday announced his “Travel With Aloha” initiative, which proposes all those who want to travel to Hawai‘i receive a rapid turnaround test for COVID-19.

State Won’t Commit to Ending Quarantine as Scheduled

Despite favorable terms for reopening, the state’s stance continues to be one of caution and pragmatism. 

Date to Reopen Hawai‘i Economy a Distant, Moving Target

A host of upgrades to testing capacity and efficiency, as well as data provided by technology the state does not yet possess, will be necessary to create an algorithm. An algorithm must be developed before a date to reopen the economy can be set. 

Oshima to Lead Hawai‘i Economic Recovery Plan

The governor tapped longtime business leader Alan Oshima to head an initiative dubbed the Hawaiʻi Economic and Community Recovery & Resiliency Plan.

Murky Questions About Coronavirus Outbreak Answered

There are a number of questions swirling around the COVID-19 global pandemic, which range from specific health concerns and testing capabilities to food shortages and cruise ship restrictions.

STUDY: Hawai‘i Ranks as 9th Most Independent State

Hawaiʻi is the nation’s ninth most independent state, according to a new study by Wallethub.

STUDY: Hawai‘i Ranks 48th for Economic Growth

In WalletHub’s June 3, 2019, report on the Best & Worst State Economies, Hawai‘i the fourth worst in the nation, ranking 48th in terms of economic growth.

House and Senate Conferees Pass Additional Appropriations

The new process allowed lawmakers to pass the executive operating budget nearly a month earlier than previous sessions and provided time for closer scrutiny…

Hawai‘i Ranks Among Bottom 6 States for Economic Outlook

Hawai‘i ranks No. 23 for economic performance (1=best 50=worst) and No. 45 for economic outlook in the 12th Edition of Rich States, Poor States.

Hawai‘i Island Visitor Arrivals & Spending Decrease

The Island of Hawai‘i recorded declines in both visitor spending and visitor arrivals in February 2019.

Senate Passes Budget With 25-0 Vote

The Hawai‘i Senate today passed its version of the state budget by a unanimous 25-0 vote.

Senate WAM Committee Passes Budget Recommendation

The bills make up the Senate position on the Executive Budget for the 2019-2021 fiscal biennium.
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