Na’i Aupuni Will Not Pursue Ratification Vote

Na’i Aupuni will also return a remaining amount of grant funds to the Office of Hawaiian Affairs.

Na’i Aupuni ‘Aha Begins Monday

The presentations will not be open to the public or media, but it will be streamed online via Olelo Community Media.

U.S. Supreme Court Allows ‘Aha to Proceed

Next month’s Native Hawaiian convention, or ‘aha, will continue. Over 150 delegates have pledged to participate in the four-week ‘aha, which will discuss Native Hawaiian self-governance.

Na’i Aupuni Announces ‘Aha Participants

In late December, the list was released with a total of 152 participants. However, Na’i Aupuni officials say four additional participants have since been added.

UPDATE: U.S. Supreme Court Blocks Native Hawaiian Election

The United States Supreme Court has blocked the counting of votes in the Native Hawaiian election hosted by Na’i Aupuni.

Second Attempt to Stop Native Hawaiian Election Rejected

For the second time, an attempt to stop the Native Hawaiian election being led by private non-profit organization Na’i Aupuni was rejected.

Voting for Native Hawaiian ‘Aha Opens

The selected delegates will meet in February to begin work on creating a potential self-determination governing document and ratification referendum of that governing document.

‘Aha Delegate Voter Registration Open

The deadline for Native Hawaiians to register to vote in the election of delegates to the Native Hawaiian constitutional convention, or ‘aha, is Thursday, Oct. 15.