Asteroid to Miss Earth

Observations of the near-Earth asteroid 2006 QV89 made with the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope have ruled out any potential future impact threat to the Earth.
August 14, 2019

W.M. Keck Observatories to Host Astronomy Talk

A panel of several astronomers will talk story about the groundbreaking results from the Event Horizon Telescope and the pioneering role Maunakea Observatories played.
August 13, 2019

New Tool to Allow Astronomers New Glimpse of Universe

The instrument is comprised of three cameras, each studying the universe at a different wavelength, or color of light.
August 07, 2019

‘Imiloa Astronomy Center: The Search for Near-Earth Objects

‘Imiloa Astronomy Center will present The Search for Near-Earth Objects on Friday, Aug. 16, 2019, beginning at 7 p.m.
August 07, 2019

Maunakea Observatories: Groundbreaking Results From Event Horizon Telescope

An astronomy talk story about the groundbreaking results from the Event Horizon Telescope and the pioneering role Maukea Observatories played is set for Aug. 15.
August 07, 2019

UH Astronomer Maps Massive Void Bordering Milky Way

Researchers measured the motions of 18,000 galaxies and created a cosmographic map of the "Local Void."
July 27, 2019

Researchers Use Keck to Help Challenge Einstein’s Famous Theory

Einstein’s 1915 theory holds that what we perceive as the force of gravity arises from the curvature of space and time. The scientist proposed that objects such as the sun and the Earth change this geometry.
July 25, 2019

Public Talk to Explore ‘Ultima Thule’ and Origins of Solar System

An astronomer and key member of the New Horizons mission team will discuss Ultima Thule in the Kuiper Belt.
July 21, 2019

UH Institute for Astronomy Awarded NASA Contract

The contract will continue the management and operation of the Infrared Telescope Facility on Maunakea under IfA.
July 14, 2019

Waiākea Grad Credits Local Astronomers with Interest in STEM

Lester Iwata is now pursuing a mechanical engineering degree at University of Portland with support from TMT's THINK Fund.
July 07, 2019