Finance Committee Approves Billions in CIP Funding

February 26, 2020, 5:53 PM HST (Updated February 26, 2020, 5:53 PM)

The House Finance Committee on Wednesday approved Capital Improvement Project (CIP) Funding for 2020.

Including all means of financing, CIP projects for fiscal years 2020 and 2021 total more than $4.9 billion, according to a House press release. The measure, HB2725 HD1, now moves to the full House for second reading.

Below is a list of where and how some of the money will be spent:

  • $1,018,811,000 Fiscal Year 2020 General Obligation Bond Funds and General Obligation Reimbursement Bonds
  • $805,652,000 Fiscal Year 2021 General Obligation Bond Funds and General Obligation Reimbursement Bonds
  • $2,325,781,000 Fiscal Year 2020 All Means of Financing
  • $2,583,292,000 Fiscal Year 2021 All Means of Financing


  • Adds a total of $2 million to the Department of Agriculture’s CIP Budget
    • $1 million for reservoir decommissioning in Hawaii County
    • $1 million for improvements to the Waimea Irrigation System


  • Adds a total of $18 million to the Department of Accounting and General Service’s CIP Budget
    • $17 million for the modernization of the state finance system
    • $1 million for repair, equipment, modernization and expansion of the Information and Communication Services Division’s critical communication systems

Budget and Finance

  • Adds a total of $900,000 to the Department of Budget and Finance’s CIP Budget
    • $900,000 for fire safety improvements to the Bishop Museum’s Paki Building.


  • Adds a total of $19 million to the Department of Defense’s CIP Budget
    • $16 million for the VA Long-term Care Home
    • $2 million for the incremental addition, replacement, and upgrade of the State Civil Defense warning and communication devices


  • Adds a total of $236 million for State Public School’s, $2 million for State Libraries, and $2 million for Charter Schools
    • $6 million for designs for facilities replacement or campus relocation for Shafter Elementary School
    • $21 million for improvements and replacement facilities for Mokapu Elementary School
    • $26 million for Phase 3 of East Kapolei Middle School
    • $20 million for Phase 2 of Farrington High School’s Music and Athletics facility
    • $11 million for various Title IX equity projects statewide
    • $35 million for school improvements at Ilima Intermediate School
    • $10 million for various ADA projects statewide

Hawaiian Home Lands 

  • Adds a total of $35 million to the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands’ CIP Budget
    • $20 million for lot development, statewide
    • $5 million for repair and maintenance to existing infrastructure, statewide
    • $800,000 for speed abatement and pedestrian safety in Waimanalo, Oahu

Human Services

  • Adds a total of $5 million to the Department of Human Services CIP budget for the repair and maintenance of Hawaii Public House Authority facilities

Hawai‘i Health Systems Corporation 

  • Adds a total of $9 million to the Hawaii Health Systems Corporation’s CIP Budget
    • $1 million for construction and emergency room renovations at Kona Community Hospital
    • $650,000 for a 3D mammography machine at Kauai Veterans Memorial Hospital
    • $700,000 for the upgrade of the plumbing in patient rooms at Maluhia
    • $6 million for the expansion and improvement of the oncology clinic at Hilo Medical Center


  • Adds a total of $1 million to the Department of Health’s CIP Budget
    • $1 million for the design and construction of necessary improvements at Department of Health facilities, statewide

Land and Natural Resources 

  • Adds a total of $32 million to the Department of Land and Natural Resources’ CIP Budget
    • $11 million for Kaanapali Beach Restoration and Berm Enhancement
    • $2 million for the acquisition of Kealakekua Piko
    • $4 million for the acquisition of Na Wai Eha
    • $2 million for the placement of approximately 15,000 cubic yards of sand at Royal Hawaiian Beach
    • $1 million for the plans and designs for a replacement and relocation of a boat ramp in the Puna district
    • $2 million for improvements to state parks and facilities, statewide
    • $5 million for remediation and restoration of shoreline areas at Sand Island State Parks
    • $4 million for stabilization and improvement of Ala Wai Canal wall


  • Adds a total of $515 million for improvement to Airports Statewide, $2.5 million to support Harbor division staff, and $883 million for improvements to Highways statewide
    • $9 million for improvements of facilities at Ellison Onizuka Kona International Airport at Keahole
    • $30 million for the design of the diamond head concourse extension at the Daniel K. Inouye International Airport
    • $305 million for airfield improvements at facilities statewide
    • $200 million for the widening of H-1 Eastbound in the vicinity of Waikele to Halawa, O‘ahu
    • $113 million for improvements to H-1 in the vicinity of Middle Street to Vineyard Boulevard
    • $30 million for the widening of Kea‘au-Pāhoa Road, Hawai‘i
    • $22 million for safety improvements in the Waimea region
    • $90 million for the extension of the Daniel K. Inouye Highway
    • $40 million for the widening of Puunene Avenue from Kamehameha Avenue to Kuihelani Highway
    • $92 million for congestion relief on Kuhio Highway from Hanamaulu to Kapa‘a
    • $10 million for major pavement improvements statewide
    • $25 million for Rockfall Protection/Slope Stabilization statewide
    • $13 million for Vehicle to Everything (V2X) Technology statewide

University of Hawai‘i 

  • Adds a total of $22 million to the University of Hawai‘i’s CIP Budget
    • $25 million for minor repairs at Community Colleges statewide
    • $3 million for the construction of a sidewalk for the Ko Education Center
    • $4 million for expansion, renovation and improvements for the Waterhouse Strength & Conditioning Center and Softball Stadium



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