Gov. Ige Heads Roundtable on Biosecurity & Invasive Species at WGA in Colorado

June 10, 2019, 4:59 PM HST (Updated June 10, 2019, 5:00 PM)

Gov. David Ige headed a roundtable discussion on biosecurity and invasive species at the Western Governors Association’s (WGA) annual meeting in Vail, Colorado, Monday, June 10, 2019.

In addition, the WGA released the Special Report for the Western Governors’ Biosecurity and Invasive Species Initiative—Gov. Ige’s signature initiative as chair of the WGA.

The initiative highlights the work of western governors as they confront the challenge of controlling the impact of nuisance species, pests and pathogens on ecosystems, forests, rangelands, watersheds and infrastructure in the west. The Special Report is the result of the past year’s workshops and webinars that focused on the role of biosecurity in addressing the risks posed by invasive species.

The Special Report includes the initiative’s findings and recommendations, including ways to:

  • Protect the west from the introduction of new invasive species through enhanced biosecurity practices, preparedness and planning;
  • Improve cross-boundary collaboration and coordination for the management of established and emerging invasive species;
  • Empower state and federal agencies to manage invasive species by aligning federal laws, regulations, and funding mechanisms with states’ needs;
  • Support and utilize biosecurity research, technology and planning tools; and
  • Standardize and mobilize invasive species data.

Read the report HERE.

View WGA video HERE.

Gov. Ige is attending various meetings, discussions and events at the WGA conference in Vail, Colorado, through Wednesday. He then heads to Washington, D.C., for a series of Council of Governors meetings.

Gov. Ige returns to Hawai‘i on June 16. Lt. Gov. Josh Green is serving as acting governor.


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