Formby Takes Lead at Pacific Resource Partnership

June 2, 2019, 9:58 AM HST (Updated June 2, 2019, 10:49 AM)

Mike Formby, May 31, 2019, PC: Pacific Resource Partnership

Pacific Resource Partnership (PRP) has recruited Honolulu’s former Department of Transportation Services head Mike Formby as its executive director in May.

A lawyer by profession, Formby brings 10 years of senior federal, state and county government experience. As the director of DOT Services, he led multi-modal transportation planning, traffic engineering and O‘ahu’s transit systems, including TheBus and TheHandi-Van. He also oversaw complete streets policies, multi-modal solutions (pedestrian, bike, auto, shared-use), transit-oriented development, smart growth principles, and partnerships with communities and stakeholders.

Formby served most recently as interim Honolulu City Council member representing Council District 4 (Waikiki and East Honolulu).

“PRP is a natural fit for me,” said Formby. “In my new role, I’ll be able to focus on the two things most important to me: advocating for sound public policies and implementing those policies in a way that positively impacts the State of Hawai‘i and its residents. My work experience aligns perfectly with PRP’s mission to strengthen the economic health of the state and to be a champion for working families.”


PRP is a partnership of the Hawai‘i Regional Council of Carpenters and more than 240 of the state’s leading contractors such as Dale Sakamoto-Yoneda, president of S & M Sakamoto Inc., who was a member of the committee formed to select PRP’s executive director.

“Mike steps into his role at PRP during a critical time,” said Sakamoto-Yoneda. “With Mike at the helm, PRP can continue to create and support programs that make life better for residents.”

About Pacific Resource Partnership

PRP is a nonprofit organization that represents the Hawai‘i Regional Council of Carpenters and more than 240 of Hawai‘i’s top contractors. Through this partnership, PRP has become a voice for responsible construction and an advocate for creating a stronger, more sustainable Hawai‘i in a way that promotes a vibrant economy, creates jobs and enhances the quality of life for all residents.

Among PRP’s many initiatives are KĀKOU, a free app developed exclusively for Hawai‘i to encourage civic engagement and Hawai‘i Perspectives, a bi-annual public opinion survey that traces voter sentiment on topics such as education, housing and state governance. For more information, go online.



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