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Na Leo Program Highlights Preparedness for Nuclear Attack

The public is encouraged to watch a Na Leo TV program featuring County of Hawai’i Civil Defense regarding preparedness for a nuclear attack.

Gov. Ige Delivers Address on False Alert

Brigadier General Kenneth Hara has been appointed to oversee a comprehensive review of our emergency management enterprise and implement needed changes.

Sen. Schatz: ‘No Excuse for False Alarm’

U.S. Sen. Brian Schatz released a statement criticizing the state’s emergency alert system.

FCC Chair on Hawai‘i False Alert: Safeguards, Controls Not in Place

A wave of panic spread across the state—worsened by the 38-minute delay before a correction alert was issued…

Gov. Ige: False Alert ‘Will Never Happen Again’

Hawai‘i Gov. David Ige issued a message to residents and visitors of Hawai‘i the day after an erroneous message was sent warning of an incoming ballistic missile.

Hawai‘i Emergency Management Attributes False Alarm to Human Error

HI-EMA has confirmed that there was no ballistic missile and that there were no computer hacks; the cause of the false alarm was human error.

Hawai‘i Reacts to Ballistic Missile False Alarm

Comments continue to stream in in reaction to this morning’s ballistic missile false alarm.


The alert sent out at 8:08 a.m. is an official false alarm, according to Hawai‘i County Civil Defense.