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Hawaiian Word of the Day: Heʻe

While tako is a common name for the octopus in the Aloha State, it is of Japanese origin. The Hawaiian word for octopus is he’e.

Kanaloa Octopus Farm in West Hawaiʻi receives cease and desist letter from state

On Jan. 6, Kanaloa Octopus Farm was sent the letter, which said the state’s Division of Aquatic Resources learned the facility “is propagating Octopus cyanea and attempting to rear juvenile individuals.” Without a permit, even the temporary possession of Octopus cyanea specimens less than one pound in weight (including newly hatched larvae) is unlawful.

Sperm whale found dead on Kaua’i shoreline had marine debris in its stomach

Researchers at the Health and Stranding Lab spent 15-hours trying to find clues about the death of a 56-foot-long sperm whale that washed up Friday on the reef in front of Lydgate Park on Kaua’i.

Entangled young humpback whale freed in Big Island waters

The whale, which is in poor condition, emaciated and suffering physical trauma, is thought to be fully disentangled with some non-wrapping embedded lines that will hopefully be shed with time.

Dead whale removed from Kaua’i beach; buried at undisclosed location

The sperm whale’s burial location on Kauaʻi is not being publicized to avoid the taking of body parts of a protected species, which is illegal under federal and state laws.

Potentially fatal virus discovered in dolphins, whales across the Pacific

Prior to its discovery in 10 whale and dolphin host species across the Pacific, the virus was found in only a single marine mammal worldwide, a Longman’s beaked whale stranded on Maui in 2010.

Lifeguard beats out pros to win Eddie Aikau Big Wave Invitational at Waimea Bay on Oʻahu

Oʻahu lifeguard Luke Shepardson won the Eddie Aikau Big Wave Invitational held Sunday at Waimea Bay on Oʻahu’s North Shore.

What happened to Moon? The injured humpback whale hasnʻt been seen in weeks

Moon’s story is about tenacity and tragedy, sadness and anger — a heartbreaking tale that sheds light on the need for more awareness in hopes of saving other humpbacks from the same painful and agonizing fate.

Kona nurse with neurological disease to sail world solo — before she can’t

Willie’s Hot Chicken in Kona is holding a fundraiser on Jan. 13 for Jenny Decker’s solo world sailboat journey to raise awareness for Charcot-Marie-Tooth, an hereditary neurological disease that she has.

Surf was up at Jaws on Maui with big wave riders putting on a show

Pro surfer Matahi Drollet wiped out at Jaws on Maui and broke his board, but a local found the tail piece and is returning it to him because keeping the fins of somebody else is “bad luck.”

First responders train to disentangle humpback whales in Hawaiʻi waters

When a report of a tangled whale in Hawaiʻi comes in, a specialized, highly-trained group led by federal and state workers head out on a search and rescue mission.

UPDATE: High surf advisory for Big Island canceled

Large breaking waves of 6 to 8 feet are forecast this afternoon. Wave heights are expected to increase to 7 to 10 feet tonight.

After four days, search ends for man who went missing while swimming in waters off a Kaua‘i beach

The search for 56-year-old Prakash Shroff was suspended Wednesday afternoon after a four-day effort by land, air and sea to find him.

Search continues for missing swimmer off ‘Anini Beach on Kauaʻi

Multiple agencies continue their search for a missing California man who was apparently swept out to sea Sunday afternoon while swimming at ‘Anini Beach on Kauaʻi.

El Niño ‘flavors’ help unravel past variability, future response to climate change

The research enables more accurate projection of future changes and impacts from El Niño, the primary factor affecting variability in water temperature and trade wind strength in the Pacific.

Famed humpback whale named Moon encountered off Kona coast

Moon, a mature female humpback whale, made headlines recently for completing a more than 4,000-mile migration with a severe spinal injury.

UH study: Reef halos could enable coral telehealth checkup worldwide

These bands of bare, sandy seafloor surrounding coral patch reefs could provide a window into reef health around the globe.

Surfing scientists led by UH Hilo professor conducting 3D research at epic Fiji surf break

The team takes high-resolution images of the reef and uses a technique called photogrammetry to create 3D reconstructions that can be studied to help provide a better understanding of reef systems.

UH study: No-fishing zones benefit ʻahi, other large fish species

The recovery is good news for the environment and the global tuna fishing industry, which generates $40 billion in revenues each year and supports millions of jobs around the world.

Two UH studies explain how and why erosion is threatening Waikīkī Beach’s shoreline

The UH studies, conducted by the university’s Climate Resilience Collaborative, will enable coastal managers and policymakers to better manage the coastlines of Hawaiʻi.
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