Big Island Polls

How do you feel about the number of Big Island tourists? Take our 30-second Poll #4

For Big Island Now’s weekly poll, we ask one simple questions about tourism: Is the number of visitors not enough, just right or too many?

Hāpuna claims top spot as favorite beach in Big Island Now weekly poll; see results

The half-mile white coral sand Hāpuna Beach, the largest white sand beach on the Big Island features crystal-clear water and also offers bodysurfing and sunbathing opportunities along other beach-related activities such as picnicking.

What is the best beach? Take Big Island Now’s 30-second Poll #3

Only one Big Island beach made Travellers Worldwide’s list of the 24 best beaches in the United States, but it was at No. 1: Hapuna Beach. But do you think it’s the best beach on the Big Island?

What profession received the most votes in Big Island Now’s weekly poll?

More than 900 people voted in last week’s Big Island Now poll, which asked, “What is the toughest job?” Find out which profession came out on top.

What is the toughest job? Take Big Island Now’s 30-second poll #2

Which profession do you think is the toughest on the Big Island?

And the winner of the first first Big Island Now/Kauaʻi Now poll is …

Readers were asked “What’s your favorite extraterrestrial event in 2023?” and the comet garnered one-quarter of the total vote.

What’s your favorite extraterrestrial event in 2023? Take Big Island Now’s 30-second poll

In 2023 there have been some extraterrestrail events spied from Earth that have had the public, internet and social media buzzing. What was your favorite?
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