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Kailua-Kona    CHANGE CITY
Current Conditions

Temp: 84°F
Winds: 6kph S
Humidity: 62%

Patchy rain possible
Low: 75°F
High: 85°F

Patchy rain possible
Low: 75°F
High: 83°F

High pressure centered far north of the state is providing moderate trade winds this afternoon with limited showers pushing into windward slopes of the smaller islands. Our weather starts to change tonight as trade winds diminish and a stable convective pattern with afternoon leeward sea breezes takes over on Thursday. Low pressure in the east Pacific will push northwest over the next few days, decreasing the pressure gradient over the islands. Light windward trade winds with leeward afternoon sea breezes, and nighttime land breezes, will prevail Thursday through the weekend as low pressure remains north and northeast of Hawaii. The light winds and sea breezes will create a stable convective pattern over the state with clouds and limited showers increasing in the afternoon over the mountains and leeward areas. Windward areas will also see a few afternoon showers as the light trade winds converge with leeward sea breezes. Overnight, skies will clear as land breezes push lingering leeward moisture over the ocean. This convective pattern looks to remain intact through Sunday. Aloft, a strong ridge remains overhead so showers that do form will remain limited in nature. Next week, low pressure remains caught between the islands and our normally trade producing high pressure to the north. Models try to bring moderate trade winds back the state by forming a secondary ridge between the islands and two low centers located north and northeast of the islands. For now have kept winds in the light to moderate range next week, just enough to wash out widespread sea breezes and afternoon convection, and provide limited trade showers.